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Jul 18 2013

Some Hunt Library Group Study Rooms unavailable

Over the next few weeks through the rest of July and into early August, technology consultants will be in the Hunt Library to take the final steps to configure our group study rooms up to their full potential.  Unfortunately, this means that we will need to close many of these spaces to complete the work in time for the fall semester.

We regret the inconvenience, but it’s a necessary step in making sure that you have access to the most powerful facilities around for your collaborative work.

Many of the building’s more specialized, reservable rooms such as the Media Production Studios, Music Rooms, and Presentation Practice Room will also be unavailable for a short time.

What alternatives are available to you?

We planned this work for the summer when the building is least busy.  We hope that the many movable whiteboards and movable furniture in the learning commons and reading rooms of the Hunt Library will give you a way to gather and create your own impromptu collaboration areas. Spaces like the Idea Alcove on the second floor can also help meet your group study needs during this period.

How do you find out which rooms are available?

The group study rooms will be re-opening one by one or in batches as soon as the technology consultants finish them.  You can quickly see which ones are available at any given time at

Ask Us if you need help finding an alternate space

Please contact us in person at the Hunt Library Ask Us area or online at if you need help finding a suitable space for group collaboration.