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Oct 24 2013

The international reach of the Hunt Library’s reputation—an update

“The Hunt Library is all of NC State’s best ideas, all put into one building.” NC State student on Twitter


The James B. Hunt Jr. Library was conceived and designed to provide a bold icon of NC State University’s commitment to educational innovation and to the transformational research and learning that happen on our campus.

Since its opening in January 2013, the new library has significantly raised the profile of the university through hundreds of articles, hundreds of thousands of interactions on the web, and a lively, inspiring conversation about the new space in the international social media.

  • In April, the Hunt Library will be featured in the new PBS primetime series Cool Spaces ( as an iconic building driving educational change.
  • Over 250 articles on the Hunt Library have appeared in print, television, and online media in local, national and international venues:
    • Associated Press:  Hunt launch covered globally in print and TV
    • Sunday edition of Boston Globe: one of the world’s “five novel libraries”
    • Complex magazine: ranked near the top of the 25 best academic libraries
    • Ploughshares magazine: Hunt as prime example of how libraries stand poised for “a digital renaissance”
    • Paris Review: discussion of the bookBot
    • Time magazine: “the library of the future”
    • Architect magazine: an “iconic social monument” capturing “the arc of the imagination”
    • “reinventing libraries for the future”
    • The Globe and Mail:  “the university library of the future”
    • Library Journal: the Hunt Library as cover story—Tomorrow, Visualized”—for annual Library by Design supplement
    • News 14: the Hunt Library “giving North Carolina worldwide appeal”
    • Campus Technology: NC State’s “next-gen library”
    • Consejo Profesional de Arquitectura y Urbanismo: featured as a “biblioteca del mundo”
  • Full-age ads from NC State’s marketing team, featuring Hunt Library as the face of innovation and proof point of NC State’s determination to shape the future in high-profile outlets such as Time Magazine, The Chronicle of Higher EducationPC Gamer, and The Smithsonian.
  • Over 156,000 views of the “Discovering the Hunt Library” social media page that collects the wave of tweets, posts, and other new media that fans are using to talk with each other about the building.
  • Over 250,000 visits to the Libraries’ Hunt Library website.
  • Over 44,000 views to the university’s Hunt Library mini-site from 39 countries including Brazil, Spain, the UK, China, and India.
  • Almost 97,000 views of Hunt videos on the Libraries’ and the university’s YouTube channels.
  • Over 3100 of Hunt photos posted to My#HuntLibrary from 1200 NC State students and visitors from around the world.
  • Scheduled tours for over 11,000 visitors—including every faculty member recruited by the university, as well as governors, legislators, diplomats, alumni, athletic directors and their recruits, architects, and educational innovators, not only from the U.S. but from France, Russia, Moldova, the Ukraine, Japan, China, Mexico, and Israel, just to name a few.  Thousands of others have taken the Hunt Library self-guided mobile tour or just explored on their own.
  • Site for 2nd international “Designing Libraries Conference,” hosting 250 library leaders, higher education leaders, architects, and others from the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.
  • Prestigious design awards:
    • 2013 AIA/ALA Building Award for distinguished accomplishment in library architecture
    • American Libraries’ “2013 Library Design Showcase”
    • City of Raleigh Green Design Award
  • Steady stream of social media activity with special emphasis on how the Hunt Library is an inspiration in recruiting and retaining students.  Some representative samples:
    • “I can’t wait to go to State because I hear the Hunt library is on point. I’ll probably end up living there…” Tweet
    • “Seriously though—the NCSU Library makes me want to attend the school. It’s that awesome.” Tweet
    • “So psyched to go to #NCSU, the Hunt Library is one of the coolest buildings in existence.” Libraries’ Facebook page
    • “Hunt Library . . . Proof of why NC Sate is the best school in the country.” Tweet
    • “Back at Hunt Library.  I feel energized to study when I enter the doors.” Tweet
    • The students of NCSU have a true gem at their fingertips and I have never been so impressed with a facility. It is incredible.” College Confidential blog
    • “New Hunt Library on Centennial Campus single handedly making me want to be in college again.”  Tweet
    • “I graduated in 1974 and have never been more proud of our university.”  Facebook comment
    • “That’s me in 2 more years!” Tweet from high school student commenting on Hunt Library video
    • “ The Hunt Library sure does make it easy to work hard.” Tweet
    • “My first time in the Hunt Library—Is this Google headquarters?”  Tweet