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May 22 2015

Apple Watch Wrap-up

By: Chris Tonelli

So, in the last few days with the watch, I discovered that the Passbook actually keeps your tickets! I found old basketball tickets from last season with the QR code on the watch. This would be super useful if you forgot your phone, because you don’t need wifi to open Passbook. Also, since you can screenshot the watch, you could just save a photo of the code.

Overall, having the watch for the last two weeks has been a really cool experience, and I would definitely recommend that you try it out. It’s super useful if you don’t usually keep your phone on your person but have it nearby, or even if you have your phone on you, especially since phones keep getting bigger and bigger. Oh! And the handoff feature is really cool too! That’s when you ask Siri something, and she can’t answer on the watch, you can just switch it to the phone. You do this by enabling the feature in the Apple Watch app on the phone. And OMG, you can save music to the watch! This is a little complicated, and I recommend watching the video online on the Apple Watch website to figure it out, and you need Bluetooth headphones. But basically, link the music through the app, and then switch the source of the music from the phone to the watch. You can switch the source through the settings app.

I had a lot of fun with the phone, and I suggest y’all try it out!! Bye guys!

By: Chris Tonelli

Porschethe famApple Watchthe Cloud
It was an absolutely crazy weekend. As soon as I got out of class on Friday, my watch dinged informing me I had a text–my older sister was here to pick me up, and we were going to my dad’s job’s picnic. When we arrived to what was a food truck rodeo with perks, I immediately got a cupcake, waffle, and had a henna tattoo done. We spent most of the time walking around and eating. We left the picnic after we watching the trapeze show, which was amazing!

The next morning we hopped in the car and went to Wilmington! It was my cousin’s birthday celebration/family get together, and we went to Historic Wilmington and the beach. There was a car show going on in Historic Wilmington, and there was this beautiful old Porsche there. I also got pictures of an owl and hawk–they just looked cool. When we finally got to the beach, we relaxed and used the watch to take pictures! My favorite part was driving home (parents in the other car) and banging out to the music the watch and iPhone 6 were playing.

Sunday was the last day of Sunday School, and I said good bye to my first graders:( and then went to a 2 year old’s birthday where there was this gorgeous arrangement of fruit.

After what was a exhausting weekend, I stayed up doing homework. The watch and phone keeping me company and playing music to keep me going until I finished and dropped into bed. I woke up the next morning with the watch buzzing, informing me I had overslep,t and if I didn’t get up right now, I was going to be late to class and miss my quiz. I rushed to get ready, woke my sister, stole my brother’s keys, got dropped off, and was one minute late to class, but she hadn’t passed the quiz out yet. MADE IT! Shout out to the watch for waking me up just in time. I spent the rest of today in class, doing tomorrow’s homework, and playing catch up after the weekend. I did take a small break after class and sat in front of the lib by the wolf ears and took pics of the sky. It was a beautiful day.

I discovered that you can take screenshots with the apple watch! You just have to press the digital crown and the messages button at the same time. I took a screenshot of the face, which is customizable by the way. I have mine set to a traditional clock face with shortcuts to apps in the corners.  I have the date in the top left, moon phase in the top right, timer in the bottom left, and temperature in the bottom right. I really like this feature, because if (and when) I get bored of the face, I can change it. I originally had a butterfly face that would become a different butterfly every time the watch woke up, but that face didn’t have as many shortcuts. I changed the face by firmly pressing on the screen of the watch and then waiting about 3 seconds until the other options showed up, and I scrolled through them.

trapezePorschefruit sculpture

By: Chris Tonelli

Rubia Arfeen, a senior in Biological Sciences and a Libraries employee, will be blogging about her experience with the Apple Watch–a technology new to the NCSU Libraries lending pool.

DAYS 7 & 8
I have a new found appreciation for the music app on the watch. When you are a lazy person (like me), DH Hill, Jadavia, Rubia and Jadaviaand leave things to last minute (again me), it is amazing what technology can do for you. The iPhone 6 was sitting across the table, and since I had already sat down and started on my hw, I was not about to get up to turn on my music. Lo and behold–there’s an app for that! I will admit I had to turn the shuffle on manually, but after that the watch did all of the work. When my iTunes started playing U2’s Iris–and I have no idea how that song got on my phone–it was easily skipped by pulling up the shortcut to the music app and replaced with Bad Blood by TS. Overall, for the procrastinating and lazy student, the watch is super helpful.

Also, in my summer class, my professor is super against phones. So when I need to text I can quietly talk into the watch, it’ll write out the text for me and be sent off. I have only done this once and wasn’t caught! So hopefully my professors aren’t reading this.

Lastly, I cannot emphasize how great the camera app is! It does take a minute to get used to, but look at this shot of the library. I also took a pic and (failed) selfie with a fellow coworker.

Okay, that’s all for now!

By: Chris Tonelli

Rubia Arfeen, a senior in Biological Sciences and a Libraries employee, will be blogging about her experience with the Apple Watch–a technology new to the NCSU Libraries lending pool.

Rubia. Not Maria.
I went to lunch with my sisters and a couple of friends, and one of them was not at all impressed with my watch, while the other is thinking about about getting one! He really likes technical gadgets, and he loved the watch. My twin sister is thinking about getting one too. She’s a Nutrition Science major and wants to become a Registered Dietician and really likes the idea behind the activity and workout apps. The activity app reminds the wearer to move about and reach the daily activity goals and actually gives awards when achieved. The watch might be a good way to help somebody who was interested in getting healthy.


Quiet day on the Apple Watch front. The activity app keeps track of how many calories you burn, how many mins of exercise you do, and if you stand every hour in a 12 hour cycle. If you go more than an hour sitting, it’ll suggest you get up or stand and move around. So, I spent most of the day listening to it tell me to stand, because I’ve been watching Netflix and doing homework.  Oh..also, here is proof that Siri thinks I’m my twin sister, Maria. I can change it in the settings, but I might just leave it because I think it really funny. : )

By: Chris Tonelli

Rubia Arfeen, a senior in Biological Sciences and a Libraries employee, will be blogging about her experience with the Apple Watch–a technology new to the NCSU Libraries lending pool.

Okay, so I think I am finally getting a hang of this. I was able to send and receive texts without too much trouble! The watch also saves the last couple of texts in a conversion on the iPhone 6. The handoff feature is also pretty handy. One thing that I noticed is that whenever the watch would send me a notification about getting up and moving around and reaching my activity goals for the day, I would get up and move around. I know we are interested in possible research uses, so maybe the watch could be used for health benefits. That’s all for now, good night!

Maria and Rubia
I linked my email to the iPhone 6, and the fact that I can open my email on the watch is pretty cool and officially my 3rd favorite thing. But when you get a long email, it isn’t practical to read it on the watch, especially if it has attachments.
At that point it’s smarter to switch to your phone or laptop.

I volunteer as a teacher at the Islamic Association of Raleigh’s Sunday school, and my first graders LOVED the camera on the watch and kept asking me if they could play with it! I ended up letting one of my students hold the iPhone 6 while I took a selfie of him from the watch. He basically thought it was the coolest thing ever.

One thing I’ve noticed about the watch is that the iPhone has to be pretty close by if you want to use Siri to search for something. I would say the phone has to be within 20ft. Also, I have no idea how this happened, but the watch keeps calling me Maria. Even technology gets me and my twin sister confused! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Lastly, I noticed that the watch tends to get a little warm after a while, and I just take it off for a few minutes whenever that happens. I don’t normally wear a watch, so I don’t know if this is particular to this watch or if it happens with all watches. Besides that, it’s pretty comfortable and doesn’t cause any friction to my wrist or decrease mobility.

May 11 2015

Apple Watch: Day 2

By: Chris Tonelli

Rubia Arfeen, a senior in Biological Sciences and a Libraries employee, will be blogging about her experience with the Apple Watch–a technology new to the NCSU Libraries lending pool.

I woke up with my Apple Watch buzzing on my wrist, informing me that it was time to get up. I set the alarm by pushing in the small wheel on the side, known as the digital crown, and activated Siri! While Siri does not speak back to me, I ended up using her frequently throughout the day. In particular, when I was using the Maps app on the watch, I had to speak into the watch to give her the address. It did take a couple of tries before she got what I was saying, but the app gave me walking instructions to a building on campus. This would be a really useful app for new students trying to find their way around campus and a way to reach your activity goals for the day! Siri also helped me send text messages, but those took a couple of tries too.

One thing I really liked was the music app. I synced my tunes to the watch app on the iPhone 6, and I was able to use the watch to play music from the phone!

Lastly, I put a passcode on the watch. But this doesn’t seem very practical, as the screen is very small, and it mostly stayed on my wrist for the day. It’s a cool feature, but I ended up disabling it later.

By: Chris Tonelli

Known for its role on NC State’s campus as a technology incubator, the NCSU Libraries lent its first Apple Watch yesterday afternoon to Rubia Arfeen, a senior in Biological Sciences. Much like it has for a range of technologies—from laptops to iPads to Arduinos to 3D scanners—NCSU Libraries is again leading the way.

When asked about the Libraries’ interest in lending Apple Watches, David Woodbury (Associate Head of User Experience) simply explained that “the students asked us to, and it is our goal to respond, in student-time, to their interests and research needs.” Woodbury also pointed out that the students and faculty at NC State are themselves creating the technologies of the future, and giving them access to the latest tools and devices inspires and facilitates their innovations.

Arfeen, who is on the pre-med track, recognized immediately a connection to her field: “I absolutely love the fact that I can check my heart rate at any point in the day. I’m interested in cardiology, and I check my pulse periodically throughout the day anyway, and this made it a lot easier.” But lending such devices is not meant solely for academic use, a fact not lost on Arfeen: “The camera app is my second favorite! You can use the watch to open it, and it’ll transmit what is showing on your phone’s camera! You can use the watch to take pictures!”

“This is an extension of what libraries have always done,” Woodbury noted. “Libraries democratize access to technology, making tools that may otherwise be difficult to afford available to students. We want as many students as possible to experience what these various technologies have to offer, and we love hearing from them about the exciting and creative ways they put these tools to use.”

Arfeen has already provided valuable feedback about the Apple Watch’s intuitive usability: “The face was easy to customize, and Siri works fine, as long as I’m connected to Wi-Fi.” For more about her experience with the Apple Watch, follow her blog posts right here all next week.

Learn more about the NCSU Libraries’ technology lending service here.

Apr 28 2015

Coffee and Donuts!

By: Library Staff

coffee and donuts

Coffee and donuts during final exams 
(Starting the night of April 28th)
D. H. Hill Library and the Hunt Library

Long after the cafes have closed for the night, University Dining will be providing free coffee and the Friends of the Library will be supplying donuts in the lobbies of the D. H. Hill Library and the Hunt Library throughout final examinations (except for Saturday and Sunday mornings).

So put down the books for a few moments, take breath or two, and meet us after midnight to throw off the stress and boost up the energy.

Our thanks go to University Dining and the Friends of the Library.

By: Karen DeWitt

AM66.L5 C68 2014  MUDE : design and fashion museum

AM151.N66 2012  Strategies of Display : museum presentation in the nineteenth- and twentieth-century visual culture

BH301.F6 F67 2013  Formless 01

BH301.O24 O245 2014  The Object

GF125.K37 2014  Urban Geography (3rd edition)

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GT503.B68 2014  Vogue & The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute : parties, exhibitions, people

GT503.C53 2014  Exhibiting Fashion : before and after 1971

GT596.E54 2014  Elegance in the Age of Crisis : fashions of the 1930s

GT596.S55 2012  Decades : a century of fashion

GT607.B38 2002  What Clothes Reveal : the language of clothing in colonial and federal America

GT734.R49 2013  In Fine Style : the art of Tudor and Stuart fashion

GT1752.E47 2014  The Wedding Dress : 300 years of bridal fashions

HD30.29.S546 2013  Solving Complex Problems : a handbook

HD9940.A2 G563 2014 Innovation in Luxury Fashion Family Business : processes and products innovation as a means of growth

HF5415.I255 N47 2013  Dynamic Identities : how to create a living brand

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N71.M285 2014  The Psychology of Visual Art : eye, brain, and art

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NK1510.R28 2014  Hello World : where design meets life

NK1510.T47 2014  Terrific Design

NK1520.S74 2014  The Principles & Processes of Interactive Design

NK1530.S4322 2014  Ethno Pop Textures volume 2

NK1530.S4873 2013  Teen Girl Graphics volume 1

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NK1535.L65 R54 2013  Liberty

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NK1548.B84x 2014  Colour : design principles, planning strategies, visual communication

NK1548.N46 2013  Neon : new fluorescent graphics

NK1548.P36 2013  Pastel : new light-toned graphics

NK1570.E27 2014  Pattern Design : a period design sourcebook

NK1700.S63 2014  SPA –DE

NK2043.Z9 M648 2014  William Morris : decor & design

NK2113.T83 2015  Designing Sustainable Residential and Commercial Interiors

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NK2195.R4 M36 2014  Night Fever 4 : hospitality design

NK2195.R4 N462 2014  Neo-Chinese Style Teahouses

NK2205.D53 2014  Dictionary of Furniture (3rd edition)

NK2554.G72 A4 2014  Konstatin Grcic Panorama

NK2586.W4 A4 2014  Wegner : just one good chair

NK2702.F87 2013  Furniture by Architects

NK2887.75.A33 2013  Moroccan Carpets and Modern Art

NK3049.B3 B75 2006   1066 : the hidden history of the Bayeux Tapestry

NK4210.M5834 2013  Risk & Discovery : the ceramic art of Hideaki Miyamura

NK4893.B68 2014  The Doll Scene

NK7303.L57 L57 2014  Untamed Encounters : contemporary jewelry from extraordinary gemstones

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NK7310.P36 2013  20th Century Jewelry & The Icons of Style

NK7373.7.A1 J49 2013 Jewellery in Israel : multicultural diversity : 1948 to the present

NK7398.B35 A4 2014  The Gijs + Emmy Spectacle

NK8553.65.V45 O67 2013  Karen Bit Vejle : master of paper-cut

NK8801.W55 B76 2009  10th Wave III : art textiles and fiber sculpture

NK8998.P68 V68 2012B  Vita Plume : portrait of an artist (dvd)

NX550.Z9 Z542 2014  Conditioned by Dress : the relationship between mind, fashion, film & performance

NX650.B66 T45 2014  The Thing, The Book : a monument to the book as an object

PN1995.9.C56 L36 2007  Dressed : a century of Hollywood costume design

PN1997.99.B4955 2015  Big Hero 6 (dvd)

PN6084.D46 B33 2013B  The Designers Says

QK475.6.N48x 2014  Urban Tree Collection for the Modern Architect & Designer

SB458.35.T76 2014  Petrarch’s Two Gardens : landscape and the image of movement

SB466.F83 P375513 2013  From Marie Antoinette’s Garden : an eighteenth-century horticultural album

SB466.G75 E56 2014  Medieval English Gardens

SB469.2.T67 2013  Topology

SB469.4.F733 2015  Landscape Professional Practice

SB472.L45 2012  Leisure and Tourism

SB472.45.N494 2014  New Residential Landscape

SB472.7.C648 2012  Commercial and Public

SB472.7.U7194 2012  Urban and Ecological

SB475.8.W385 2013 Water Landscapes

TG300.F785 2014  Computational Analysis and Design of Bridge Structures

TL175.I7613 2013  v.1-2  Parking Structures

TR501.I477 2013  Imprint : visual narratives in books and beyond

TR647.A83 2009  Avedon Fashion : 1944-2000

TR647.B33x 2013  52 Weeks 52 Cities

TR650.H48 2014  Elmar Hess

TR675.S443 2014  Study of Pose

TR681.F3 H659x 2014  Horst : photographer of style

TR858.G74 2015  [digital] Visual Effects & Compositing

TR897.7.D45 2015  Motion Capture in Performance : an introduction

TR897.7.W65 2015  Software, Animation and the Moving Image : what’s in the box?

TS171.B63 2013  Goods : interior products from sketch to use

TS171.E43 2014  360̊ Industrial Design : fundamentals of analytic product design

TS171.D44 2013  Delft Design Guide

TS171.4.C66 2013  Connect : design for an empathic society

TS171.4.C72 2014  Designing and Developing Products through Knowledge Transfer Collaborations

TS171.6.M39x 2015  Max Bill’s View of Things : Die gute Form : an exhibition 1949

TA1445.H35 2014  Fabric for Fashion : the Swatch Book (2nd edition)

TT502.E824 2013  The Mechanical Smile : modernism and the first fashion shows in France and America, 1900-1929

TT504.6.A35 R68 2015  African Fashion, Global Style

TT504.6.J3 F44 2012  A New Era of Tokyo Fashion

TT505.A1 T74 2002  Philip Treacy

TT505.A1.V3713 2000  Beauty in Exile

TT505.C43 C43 2012  Caroline Charles : 50 years in fashion

TT505.D42 D42 2014  Ann Demeulemeester

TT505.D5 F73 2014  Monsieur Dior : once upon a time

TT505.K39 K74 2008 : ReFusing Fashion : Rei Kawakubo

TT505.M37 G54 2012  Alexander McQueen : evolution

TT505.W6 D425 2014  The House of Worth : portrait of an archive

TT505.Y36 Y383 2012  Yohji Yamamoto

TT506.W36 2015  Biyan

TT507.F3484 2015  Fashion Design for Living

TT507.K348 2012  Kate Spade  New York : things we love

TT507.L43 2012 The Fashion Resource Book : research for design

TT507.Q62 2013  A Queer History of Fashion : from the closet to the catwalk

TT507.R389 2014  Key Concepts for the Fashion Industry

TT520.D66 2014 Fashion Patternmaking Techniques

TT580.S487 2010  Bespoke : the men’s style of Savile Row

TT670.H55 2014  Exposed : a history of lingerie

TT699.H44 2012  Warp & Weft : woven textiles in fashion, art, and interiors

TT669.T457 2014  Reclaimed Textiles : techniques for paper, stitch, plastic and mixed media

TT769.C6 S53 2014  Chinese Embroidery : an illustrated stitch guide

TT835.B27557 2013  Visual Guide to Working in a Series : next steps in inspired design

TT835.K523 2014  Unconventional & Unexpected : American quilts below the radar

TT848.S43 2014  Woven Textile Design

TT848.5.S78 2014  Pin Loom Weaving

TT870.J33 2014  Cut and Fold Techniques for Pop-Up Designs

Z246.H45 2015  Stencil Type

Z246.S225 2014  Design Elements : a graphic style manual

Z246.5.M34 A45 2013  All About Mags

Z1033.A78 D47 2013  The Book on Books on Artists Books

By: Karen DeWitt