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Jul 20 2016

New today, 7/20

By: Karen DeWitt

Jul 06 2016

New today, 7/6

By: Karen DeWitt

By: Gwynn Thayer

On May 16, 1950, the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright visited the School of Design at NC State University and spoke to over 5,000 people at Reynolds Coliseum for an architecture lecture. He even stayed with Dean Henry Kamphoefner at his modernist home in Raleigh. In the photograph above, from Special Collections, Wright is pictured walking with Dean Kamphoefner. North Carolina Modernist Houses has provided a full account of his visit to campus.

Unfortunately, a recording of this important lecture has never been located.  North Carolina Modernist Houses has been on a quest to find one. Can you help?

If you have any leads, please contact Special Collections or North Carolina Modernist Houses.

Jun 20 2016

New today, 6/20

By: Karen DeWitt

Jun 07 2016

New today, 6/7

By: Karen DeWitt

By: Gwynn Thayer

The Special Collections Research Center has just acquired a drawing by former NC State faculty member Duncan Stuart. Stuart was one of the founding faculty members of the School (now College) of Design. The drawing was donated by one of Stuart’s former students, who studied architecture at the School of Design in the early 1970s.

Stuart (1919-2001) was born in Des Moines, Iowa, and studied at the University of Oklahoma, Chouinard Art Institute, and Yale University. He served in World War II as a cartographer. In 1948 he was appointed by Dean Henry Kamphoefner as associate professor. During his long and distinguished career Stuart’s works were exhibited at a number of institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum, and the Chicago Art Institute. He worked in the 1950s on the geodesic dome and with Synergetics, Inc.

Stuart was known and recognized as an outstanding teacher, and during his career received the Distinguished Professor Award at NC State. On August 29, 1965, he was announced as the “Tar Heel of the Week” by the Raleigh News & Observer. The article included many quotes from former students, one of whom noted, “He was intent on teaching us to think for ourselves.” Another observed that, “He always seemed interested in us as individuals, not just as members of the class. He would talk to us about what we were doing and the conversation was two-way communication, not one-way.”

Stay tuned for more information about this drawing as we process this item and prepare the finding aid for access. The image above is a close view of the image, which is on paper and measures approximately 36″ by 36″. For more information about Architecture and Design collections in Special Collections, please visit our website.

Jun 06 2016

New today, 6/6

By: Karen DeWitt

By: Karen DeWitt

May 20 2016

New today, 5/20

By: Karen DeWitt

By: Rachel Jacobson

NCSU Libraries’ Special Collections Research Center is pleased to announce that there is now a fully processed (and recently renamed) finding aid for the Greenways Incorporated Records and Charles A. Flink Papers.

This collection now contains more professional documents from, and about, Charles A. Flink, President of Greenways Incorporated. The Professional Papers and Publications series in the Greenways Incorporated Records and Charles A. Flink Papers allows researchers insight into the details of the professional life of a leading landscape architect.  Within the Professional Papers and Publications (1972-2014) series there are documents about awards that Charles A. Flink received over the years, articles and information about various greenways, and papers pertaining to the book he co-authored, Greenways: A Guide to Planning, published in 1993.

Final decision on art to use for the book Greenways: A Guide to Planning

Charles A. Flink started Greenways Incorporated, a landscape architecture firm that specializes in the development of greenways, in 1986. Greenways are paths that usually run along naturally occurring or already created man-made corridors and are designated for pedestrian use. There are multiple greenway collections at the NCSU Special Collections Research Center.

In addition to greenways in the United States, Charles A. Flink has worked on some international projects. His international projects are admired and he has been nationally recognized as well. In 1995 Charles A. Flink and Greenways Incorporated received an Environmental Excellence Award from the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration for the innovative Swift Creek Recycled Greenway in Cary, N.C.

Plan for the Grand Canyon Greenway

The path, created out of recycled material, is an example of some of the local innovative work done by Charles A. Flink and Greenways Incorporated. Another famous trail he worked on is located away from North Carolina, the Grand Canyon Greenway in Arizona has become known nationally as it is part of a national park.

As is evident in this brief description, this collection possesses information on many different greenway projects. Please refer to the recently renamed, Greenways Incorporated Records and Charles A. Flink Papers for further information.