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Oct 16 2012

New books received in September

HT110.B67 2008 Urban Transformation : understanding city design and form

GT2345.H53 2011 High Contrast Black & Gray (dvd)

NA680.M63 2011 Modern Architecture Game (game)

NA737.F468 A4 2012 Now Boarding : Fentress airports + the architecture of flight

NA737.S533 A35 2012 Contemporary Classical : the architecture of Andrew Skurman

NA737.W26 H65 2012 Ralph Walker : architect of the century

NA737.W37 M36 2012 George Washington’s Eye : landscape, architecture, and design at Mount Vernon

NA1121.V4 D48 2012 Venice & Vitruvius

NA1123.L57 H6713 2012 Baldessare Longhena and Venetian Baroque Architecture

NA1313.M254 A4 2012 From Rules to Constraints

NA1455.F53 A23 2012 Aalto and America

NA1580.C65 2012 Colonial Architecture and Urbanism in Africa

NA2500.P375 2011 Basic Design Principles of Architecture

NA2540.F38 2012 Chinese Architecture and Metaphor : Song culture in the Yingzao Fashi Building Manual

NA2542.36 H46 2012 Becoming a Green Building Professional

NA2542.8.S28 2012 Venice from the Water

NA2543.S6 D398 2012 Design Like You Give a Damn [2] : building change from the ground up

NA2543.S6 H56 2012 Designed for Habitat : collaborations with Habitat for Humanity

NA2543.S6 R33 2012 Colonial Frames, Nationalist Histories : imperial legacies, architecture, and modernity

NA2543.S6 R53 2012 Architect Knows Best : environmental determinism in architecture culture from 1956 to the present

NA2599.5.Y68 2012 The Imperfect City : on architectural judgment

NA2599.8.R87 K58 2912 Building Ruskin’s Italy : watching architecture

NA2750.B28 2012 Two Spheres : physical and strategic design in architecture

NA2795.M45 2012 Architectural Colour in the Professional Palette

NA4125.S65 2011 Solid States : concrete in architecture and structural engineering (dvd)

NA5235.D48 D48 2012 Detroit’s Historic Places of Worship

NA9031.F476 2011 Density is Home : housing by A+T Research Group

NA9053.O3 R83 2012 Insuring the City : the Prudential Center and the postwar urban landscape

NA9085.S6 A35 2012 Conversations with Paolo Soleri

NC975.L66 P33 2012 Antonio Lopez : fashion, art, sex & disco

NC978.R39 2012 Reading Victorian Illustration, 1855-1875 : spoils of the Lumber Room

NC997.A1 E64 bk.25 2012 Epica Book 25 : Europe’s best advertising

NC997.A1 G73 2012 Graphis 100 Best in Design 2012

NC997.D377 2012 Graphic Design Theory

NC999.4.F55 A4 2012 Elegantissima : the design typography of Louise Fili

ND588.L275 A4 2010 Mark Lammert : malerei

SB470.5.C437 2012 Integrated Landscaping : following nature’s lead (revised ed.)

SB472.45.A78 2012 Greening the Landscape : strategies for environmentally sound practice

SB472.45.S45 2012 Sustainable Landscape Planning

SB482 .N72 N493 2010 High Performance Landscape Guidelines : 21st century parks for NYC

TA174.P68 2010 Post Ductility : metals in architecture and engineering (dvd)

TA450.E54 2009 Engineered Transparency : glass in architecture and structural engineering (dvd)

TA668.P46 2011 Permanent Change : plastics in architecture and engineering (dvd)

TR690.A1 P48 2012 Graphis 100 Best in Photography 2012

TS91.L48 2009 Swissness : 43 achievements in Swiss design history and 7 formative personalities

TS171.4.D497 2012 The Soul of Design : harnessing the power of plot to create extraordinary products

TS171.4.M399 2012 Brand Aesthetics

TT505.M37 D46 2012 Love Looks Not With the Eyes

Z726.M67 2011 The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2010

Z1033.T68 Y67 2008 The Art of Paper Folding for Pop-Up