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Apr 02 2013

New books received in March

BF109.J8 A3 2009  The Red Book

DA501.P753 W385 2012  Uvedale Price (1747-1820) : decoding the picturesque

DS254.B87 2012  Art and War in Japan and Its Empire 1931-1960

F548.65.A1 B34 2012  The City in a Garden : a history of Chicago’s parks (2nd edition)

GV1469.3.A78 2012  The Art of the Gears of War 3

GV1469.35.B56 D46 2010  Deco Devolution : the art of Bioshock 2

HD45.K827 2013  101 Design Methods : a structured approach for driving innovation in your organization

HD59.2.I55 2012  Introducing : visual identities for small businesses

HD62.5.I39 2011  Craft Inc. : the ultimate guide to turning your creative hobby into a successful  business (2nd edition)

HD9999.H362 C53 2010  The Handmade Marketplace : how to sell your crafts locally, globally, and online

HE9797.K36 2011  Aerotropolis : the way we’ll live next

HT166.U7128 2012  Urban Development : strategies, management and impact

ML3534.C467 2011  Put the Needle on the Record : the 1980s at 45 revolutions per second

N72.S6 D475 2012  The Design Collective : an approach to practice

N582.L76 L67 2012  The Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

N5300.B645 2012  100 Ideas That Changed Art

N6260.A387 2012  The Art and Architecture of Twelver Shi’ism : Iraq, Iran, and the Indian Sub-Continent

N6490.T525 2010  The $12 Million Stuffed Shark : the curious economics of contemporary art

N6494.E27 V35 2011  Sculpting the Earth : artistic interventions with the landscape

N6498.E26 U7 2012  Up/Cycle : more than 100 upcycling ideas for furniture, lighting, products and accessories

N6537.O965 A4 2012   Clifford Owens : anthology

N6639.F477 A4 2009 Tangled Alphabets

N6923.S39 S37 2012  Massimo Scolari : the representation of architecture

N7345.K45 A4 2011  William Kentridge & Peter L. Galison

N7355.45.E45 2011  Bye Bye Kitty! : between heaven and hell in contemporary Japanese art

N7396.K45 M33 2012  William Kentridge

N7430.5.A295 2011  Painted Pages : fueling creativity with sketchbooks & mixed media

N7432.7.F365 2011  Color in Flux

N7433.4.M56 A35 2011  The Book Art of Richard Minsky

N7433.5.A45 2011  Your Sketchbook, Your Self

N7433.7.Z84 2012  Color in Art

N7433.8.C69 2012  Photoshop for Artists : a complete guide for fine artists, photographers, and printmakers

N7433.8.D52 2012  Digital Painting Techniques

N7433.8.J66 2013  iPad for Artists

N7433.8.S56 2011 Digital Art and Meaning

N7433.8.I43 2012  ImagineFX sci-fi : the ultimate guide to mastering digital painting techniques

N7433.9.R87 2011  Fiber Art Today

N7476.B38 2011  Criticizing Art : understanding the contemporary (3rd edition)

NA3.A6932 2012/2013  German Architecture Annual 2012/13

NA500.K845 2012  Architecture : the groundbreaking moments

NA610.G68 2012  Gothic Legacies : four centuries of tradition and innovation in art and architecture

NA680.A1325 2012  20th Century World Architecture

NA680.G6413 2012  Architecture in the 20th Century

NA680.M67 2012   Naked Architecture

NA735.N4 K59 2012  New in New Orleans Architecture

NA735.S34 H3 2012  The Avenues of Salt Lake City

NA737.E56 A4 2012 v.1-5  Ennead Architects :  profile series 5

NA737.K32 K85 2012  Building : Louis I. Kahn at Roosevelt Island

NA737.M217 G53 2012  Carefree California : Cliff May and the romance of the ranch house

NA737.P48 E45 2012  The Glorious Years : Peterborough’s golden age of architecture 1840-1940

NA759.G628 A4 2012   BGP Arquitectura : Bernardo Gomez-Pimienta

NA759.S26 A4 2012  Arquitech Juan Jose Sanchez-Aedo : intersecciones 2010-2011

NA759.T35 A4 2012  Ten Arquitectos : Enrique Norten : the limits of form

NA850.N33 2012  The Art of Brazilian Architecture

NA859.V37 A4 2012   Entre : architecture from the performing arts

NA964.E455 2012  Egypt in England

NA980.A97 C593 2012  Ayrshire and Arran

NA996.B855 2012  New Arcadians : emerging UK architects

NA996.P733 2012  The Practice of Architecture : eight architects 1830-1930

NA997.L674 U356 2012  The Pinecone : the story of Sarah Losh, forgotten romantic heroine – antiquarian, architect, and visionary

NA997.L8 W55 2012  Sir Edwin Lutyens : designing in the English tradition

NA997.S235 2012  Drawing for Graphic Design : understanding conceptual principles and practical techniques to create unique, effective design solutions

NA997.S78 C75 2012  Stirling and Gowan : architecture from austerity to affluence

NA1011.5.H595 A4 2012  Hans Hollein

NA1053.S7 A3 2011  Philippe Starck

NA1085.K86 2012  Monumentality and Modernity in Hitler’s Berlin

NA1118.G45 2013  Italy : modern architectures in history

NA1121.N37 A73 2012  Archivio Jodice : an archive of contemporary art in the historic centre of Naples

NA1273.H45 H45 2012  Helen & Hard : relational design

NA1313.M38 A4 2012   Josep Lluis Mateo : on building : matter and form

NA1313.M45 A65 2012  iGuzzini : Barcelona corporate building

NA1333.M68 A4 2011   Mesa : Eduardo Souto Moura : 30 years, selected projects

NA1333.M68 A4 2012B  Eduardo Souto Moura : sketchbook no. 76

NA1353.E25 E25 2012   E2A : architecture

NA1353.G54 A4 2012  Gigon/Guyer : architects

NA1353.H47 A65 2012  Herzog & De Meuron + Ai Weiwei : Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2012

NA1469.H33 A4 2012 Zaha Hadid and Suprematism

NA1485.6.I527 2012  Iran : past, present and future

NA1508.C35 T39 2011  The Forgotten Palaces of Calcutta

NA1548.83 J2 A4 2012  J.J. Pan and Partners

NA1559.F85 A4 2012  Terunobu Fujimori Architect

NA1559.Y35 A4 2012   Riken Yamamoto

NA1565.6.P365 2012  Convergent Flux : contemporary architecture and urbanism in Korea

NA1605.C55 D63 2012  JJ Clark : architect of the Australian renaissance

NA1996.B43 2012  Design Portfolios : moving from traditional to digital (2nd edition)

NA1996.L83 2012  Good Practice Guide : keeping out of trouble

NA2350.G7 C42 2012  Buildings of the Year 2012 : the RIBA architecture awards

NA2450.I8 C66 2012 Biennale Architectura 2012 : Common Ground : 29-09-25.11 Venice

NA2500.B54 2012  Icons of World Architecture

NA2500.F49 2012  Architecture : the making of metaphors

NA2500.M87 2012  The Architecture of Failure

NA2542.T43 M64 2012  Building Systems : design, technology and society

NA2542.36.D7413 2012  Holistic Housing : concepts, design strategies and processes

NA2542.4.H97 2012  Hyperbody : first decade of interactive architecture

NA2543.T43 F88 2012  The Future of Building : perspectives, methods, objectives, prospects

NA2543.W37 O73 2013  Ordnance : war + architecture & space

NA2545.P5 D47 2012  Designing for Sustainability

NA2570.I566 2010 Innovate Design +  Construction : manufacturing and design synergies in the building process

NA2700.H4 2013  Drafting & Design for Architecture & Construction

NA2708.J46 2013  Drawn to Design : analyzing architecture through freehand drawing

NA2728.R48 2012  Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012

NA2750.K665 2012  Concept and Design

NA2794.E58 2012   Detail in Contemporary Lighting Design

NA2850.B76 2012  Home Interiors Now

NA2856.B35 2012  Space Planning of Commercial Office Interiors

NA4125.F67 2012  Concrete and Culture : a material history

NA4125.P45 2012 Detail in Contemporary Concrete Architecture

NA4435.G4 F466 2012  Ernst Gisel : Rathaus Fellbach

NA4830.C5413 2012  Cathedrals of the World

NA5080.J86 2013 The Gothic Screen : space, sculpture, and community in the cathedrals of France and Germany, ca. 1200-1400

NA5461.M375 2012 The English Cathedral

NA5470.S5 S28 2012  St. Paul’s Cathedral : 1400 years at the heart of London

NA5870.S93 C633 2012  Sultanahmet and Suleymaniye

NA6696.U6 W54 2012  The Architecture of the Barnes Foundation

NA6700.G537 S83 2012  Riverside Museum

NA6768.D83 2012  Nurseries : a design guide

NA6846.C3 G68 2012  Silver Screens of the Prairie : an illustrated history of motion picture theatres in Manitoba

NA7117.5F76 2012  From the Ground Up : innovative green homes

NA7125.K46 2012  Dwelling with Architecture

NA7235.C2 K55 2012  The Modern Californian Beach House

NA7511.4.H66 D67 2012   Doris Duke’s Shangri-La : a house in paradise

NA8460.M67 2012  Contemporary Follies

NA8480.K59 2012  Prefabricated Systems

NA9053.E58 S34 2012  Ecological Urban Architecture : qualitative approaches to sustainability

NA9053.H76 S47 2013  Planning and Place in the City : mapping place identity

NC703.C87 2012b   Design Methods 2 : 200 more ways to apply design thinking

NC730.D278 2011 Contemporary Drawing : key concepts and techniques

NC825.C57 C36 2012  The Art of Urban Sketching : drawing on location around the world

NC915.C65 C432 2009  Character Modeling 2

NC960.S5 2011  500 Years of Illustration : from Albrecht Durer to Rockwell Kent

NC961.7.S34 H53 2011  Masters of Science Fiction and Fantasy Art

NC973.A68 2011  Art in Book

NC977.B66 2011  Book Illustration in the Long Eighteenth Century : reconfiguring the visual periphery of the text

NC997.E24 2012  Echoes of the Future : rational graphic design & illustration

NC997.H53 2011  Small and Eye-Catching Graphics

NC997.M85 2012  Multicolour : new rainbow-hued graphics

NC998.6.E852 I76 2012  Iron Curtain Graphics : eastern European design created without computers

NC1000.S54 2013  Design Elements : using images to create graphic impact

NC1001.H36 2013  A Graphic Design Student’s Guide to Freelance

NC1001.H465 2012  Writing and Research for Graphic Designers

NC1002.L63 K73 2012  The Logo Brainstorm Book : a comprehensive guide for exploring design directions

NC1002.L63 M35 2010  Magic Branding

NC1764.5.J32 T4937 2007  The Astro Boy Essays : Osamu Tezuka, Mighty Atom, and the manga/anime revolution

NC1764.8.H84 C66 2012  The Complete Guide to Figure Drawing for Comics and Graphic Novels

NC1765.W38 2011  Watch Me Move : the animation show

NC1766.F8 N48 2011  French Animation History

NC1766.G7 B763 2011  The Quay Brothers : into a metaphysical playroom

NC1766.J3 N53 2007 v.1-4  Japanese Anime Classic Collection (dvds)

NC1766.U53.R57 2012   The Art of the Rise of the Guardians

NC1807.G7 F588 2012  British Posters : advertising, art & activism

NC1878.F37 P455 2012  Menswear : vintage people on photo postcards

NC1878.N83 O27 2011  Atomic Postcards : radioactive messages from the cold war

NC1878.P45 P455 2012  Fantasy Travel : vintage people on photo postcards

ND237.W455 B438 2012  Beauty is Embarrassing (dvd)

NE1325.K3 A65 2011  Hokusai’s Great Wave

NK805.A78 2012  For Kith and Kin : the Folk Art Collection at the Art Institute of Chicago

NK839.S337 A4 2011  Eero SaarinenS03096202M

NK841.D44 2011   Precise : craft redefined

NK928.N67 2012  Handmade in Britain

NK950.L445 A4 2012  Mathieu Lehanneur

NK1044.7.K3 Q2 2012  Qara            qalpaqs of the Aral Delta

NK1270.I85 2012  Islamic Art, Architecture, and Material Culture : new perspectives

NK1452.Z9 A432 2011  Franco Albini

NK1452.Z9 M665 2011  Carlo Mollino

NK1454.A1 D88 2011  Dutch Design Yearbook 2011

NK1520.C38 2012  Cause and Effect : visualizing sustainability

NK1555.N68 2012  Novelty Prints : animals

NK1560.A139 2012  1950’s Floral Graphic

NK1575.A14 2012  1960s Paisley

NK1990.H66 2012  Home Inspirations

NK2014.Z9 F37 2012  Ezequiel Farca : path

NK2115.5.S25 A12 2012  The 100 Best Projects with Reclaimed Materials

NK2195.H6 O53 2012  Once in a Lifetime : travel and leisure redefined

NK2235.C76 2012  Designer’s Guide to Furniture Styles

NK2260.P67 2012  Furniture Design

NK2542.D59 A4 2011  Tom Dixon

NK2542.M67 A4 2011  Jasper Morrison

NK2554.M38 A4 2011  Living * Emotions : Matthias Hoffman Design

NK7304.B46 2012  Celebrating Jewellery : exceptional jewels of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

NK8805.J33 2011  20th Century Pattern Design

NK8875.7.D3 K35 2010   Kaitag : art for life

NK8898.N536 A4 2012  Embellished : new vintage

NK9112.S497 2012  Art Quilt Portfolio : the natural world

NK9112.Q5 2011   Quilt National 2011 : the best of contemporary quilts

NK9197.Q55 2011  The Quilter’s Hall of Fame : 42 masters who have shaped our art

NX195.M43 2013  Media Authorship

NX650.M45 M47 2012 Memory

PN1995.9.P5 S46 2012  Looking Beyond : graphics of Satyajit Ray

PN6714.H667 2012  Bricks and Balloons : architecture in comic-strip form

PN6757.S34 K65 2011  Kolonie : the forgotten empire

PR6118.R93 2011  A Sky Full of Kindness

Q173.V65 2012  The Where, The Why, The How : 75 artists illustrate wondrous mysteries of science

SB457.85 F57 2011  Close to Paradise : the gardens of Naples, Capri, and the Amalfi coast

SB463.5.B5313 2011 The Vertical Garden : from nature to the city

SB466.F82 P3724 2012  Hidden Gardens of Paris : a guide to the parks, squares, and woodlands of the city of light

SB466.G75 C6665 2012  Gardens of Cornwall

SB466.I65 L363 2012 The Pocket Guide to the Best 100 Gardens in Ireland

SB466.U7 M555 2011  Millennium Park Chicago

SB470.B7 B76 2011  The Omnipotent Magician : Lancelot “Capability” Brown, 1716-1783

SB470.C65 G53 2011  Brenda Colvin : a career in landscape

SB470.H87 S54 2012  Specific Landscapes

SB470.O5 M37 2011  Genius of Place : the life of Frederick Law Olmsted

SB470.V47 J66 2011  Nicole de Vesian : gardens : modern design in Provence

SB470.W55 2012  Led by the Land : landscapes by Kim Wilkie

SB472.A14 2012  1000 Details in Landscape Architecture : a selection of the world’s most interesting landscaping elements

SB472.45.B46 2012  Landscape : pattern, perception and process (2nd edition)

SB472.45.D36 2012  Lifelong Landscape Design

SB472.45.J46 2011  The Universe in the Landscape : landforms by Charles Jencks

SB472.45.M43 2011  Meaning in Landscape Architecture & Gardens : four essays, four commentaries

SB472.47.R47 2012   Representing Landscapes : a visual collection of landscape architectural drawings

SB472.7.M65 2012  The Sourcebook of Contemporary Urban Design

SB473.C84 2012  The Layered Garden : design lessons for year-round beauty from Brandywine Cottage

SB473.O46 2010  The Undaunted Garden : planting for weather-resilient beauty

SB475.5.H57 2012  Rock Landscapes : the Pulham Legacy : rock gardens, grottoes, ferneries, follies, fountains, and garden ornaments

T396.O58 2012b  On Show : temporary design for fairs, special events, and art exhibitions

TG25.R363 A54 2004  Angle of Inspiration (dvd)

TH880.E24 2011  Green Building Certification Systems

TH4860.H49 2012  Earthships in Europe (2nd edition)

TH4860.O57 2012  Handmade Houses : a century of earth-friendly home design

TH4860.W53 2012   Zero Carbon Homes : a road map

TR820.M46 2012  101 Tragedies of Enrique Metinides

TR850.Z47 2014  Sight Sound Motion : applied media aesthetics

TR897.7.W495 2012  Tony White’s Animator’s Notebook : personal observations on the principles of movement

TS171.D47542 2012   Design Talents : iF concept design award yearbook 2012

TS171.4.L42 2012   Lean Design Management

TS171.4.M33 2012  Made in Japan : 100 new products

TS195.4.T56 2012  Graphics and Packaging Production

TT24.N7 S36 2012  Made in New York : handcrafted works by master artisans

TT103.J35 2012   Crafts Atlas of India

TT507.G495 2012  Couture Unfolded : innovative pleats, folds, and draping in fashion design

TT509.B53 2007  100  Years of Fashion Illustration

TT509.I842 2012  Technical Drawing for Fashion Design : garment source book

TT515.I85 2012  Islamic Fashion : traditional and modern dress in the Muslim world

TT770.M635 2012  Free-Form Embroidery : transforming traditional stitches into fiber art

TR849.M84 B35 2013  The Inventor and the Tycoon : a gilded age murder and the birth of moving pictures

TT852.W57 2012  Mastering the Art of Fabric Printing and Design : techniques, tutorials, and inspiration

Z246.H363 2013  Design for Media : a handbook for students and professionals in journalism, PR and advertising

Z253.W54 2012  Linotype : the film (dvd)

Z253.5.P84 ED.47 2012  The Best Magazine Design:  photography, illustration, infographics & digital

Z278.S55 2012  The Publishing Business : from p-books to e-books