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Jun 05 2013

New books received in May

BF637.N66 C87 2012  Curious Rituals : gestural interactions in the digital everyday

GV416.L66 F66 2012  Wembley Stadium

HT145.S9 G56 2012  On Common Ground : Schlieren – Upper Engadine : photographs of spatial development in suburban regions and in the Alps since 1945

HT166.F57 2013  The Urban Masterplanning Handbook

HT168.N5 R44 2013  Regenerative Infrastructures : Freshkills Park, NYC

HT395.E82 S8 2012  Sustainable Water Ecosystems Management in Europe : bridging the knowledge of citizens, scientists and policy makers

LB3205.C87 2003  School Buildings

N72.F45 D4513 2013   Gendered : art and feminist theory

N5205.7.G7 B835 2012  Commissioning Contemporary Art : a handbook for curators, collectors, and artists

N5313.A75 2012  Home-Made Europe : contemporary folk artifacts

N6450.A75 2012  Art & Visual Culture 1850-2010 : modernity to globalisation

N6497.I566 2012  Innovative Approaches to the Complex Care of Contemporary Art

N6498.H36 M47 2012  Merge : art, craft, design

N6512.M335 2013  Masterpieces of American Modernism from the Vilcek Collection

N6888.I5 A4 2011  Sarah Illenberger

N7355.4.F76 2012  From Postwar to Postmodern : Art in Japan 1945-1989 : primary documents

N7400.15.M56 2012  Australian Symbolism : the art of dreams

N7400.6.N38 2012  National New Media Art Award 2012

N7433.8.C364 2012  Making and Drawing

N7433.8.F36 2011  Fantasy Creatures : ultimate guide to mastering digital painting techniques

N7445.2.M35 2012  Selected Writings by Raimondas Malasauskas

NA123.V47 2012  Architectural History : 2012 study guide

NA687.H64 2012  Architecture Now! 8

NA730.M5 E28 2012  Buildings of Michigan

NA737.D56 D56 2013  Diller Scofidio + Renfro : architecture after images

NA737.L454 L465 2013  Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis : intensities

NA737.M725 M47 2012  Everything All at Once : the software, videos, and architecture of MOS

NA759.A7 M54 2013  Aragonés

NA968.5.M64 P67 2012  Ahrends, Burton & Koralek

NA970.D93 2012  The Architecture of London 2012 : vision, design, legacy

NA979.M877 2012  Of Its Time and Place : the work of Richard Murphy Architects

NA1053.J4 P595 2013  Cosmos of Light : the sacred architecture of Le Corbusier

NA1180.L183 A4 2012  Stephan Maria Lang : architecture – a journey to the soul

NA1120.R578 2011  Living in Contemporary Architecture : Rome

NA1123.G329 A4 2003  Exclusive Villas & Resorts : the architecture of Gianni Gamondi

NA1168.B458 2012  Belgium’s Best Buildings

NA1311.B3 C646 2012  Colour in Mass : concrete and pigments : Ciudad de la Justicia of Barcelona : David Chipperfield Architects & B720 Fermin Vazquez Arquitectos

NA1353.K6 K63 2012  Knapkiewicz and Fickert : housing

NA1492.2.B36 V46 2012  Venturing Permanence : the ETH House of Science in Bamiyan

NA1559.K77 A4 2012  Kengo Kuma : complete works

NA2500.F665 2012  From the Things Themselves : architecture and phenomenology

NA2543.H55 G37 2013  Architecture Re-Assembled : the use (and abuse) of history

NA2543.R37 H37 2013  Little White Houses : how the postwar home constructed race in America

NA2543.S6 H93 2013  Constitutional Modernism : architecture and civil society in Cuba, 1933-1959

NA2728.A82 2012 Revit Architecture 2012

NA2728.C65 2012b  Computational Architecture : digital designing tools and manufacturing techniques

NA2728.T36 2013  Rendering in SketchUp

NA2750.M35 2013  Ambient Commons : attention in the age of embodied information

NA2765.P36 2013  Contagious Architecture : computation, aesthetics, and space

NA2850.E445 2012  The Elements of Style : an encyclopedia of domestic architectural detail (4th edition)

NA3546.a1 D436 2012  Decorative Plasterwork in Ireland and Europe : ornament and the early modern interior

NA6230.B47 2012  Best Tall Buildings 2011 : CTBUH international award winning projects

NA6234.V42 C378 2013  Torre David : informal vertical communities

NA6690.H47 2012  Building Museums : a handbook for small and midsize organizations

NA7145.K66 2010 Prefabulous + Sustainable : building and customizing an affordable, energy-efficient home

NA7208.2.B35 2012  Great American Homes (volume 2)

NA7239.I43 A4 2013  Michael G. Imber : ranches, villas, and houses

NA7328.J435 2012  Modernist Semis and Terraces in England

NA9050.5.A73 2013  Architecture and Justice : judicial meanings in the public realm

NA9053.H76 A73 2012  Architecture Inserted

NA9085.B29 H45 2013  Ed Bacon : planning, politics, and the building of modern Philadelphia

NB1278.E86 2010  Europos Parkas

NC248.C4 A4 2011  Jules Cheret : pioneer of poster art

NC730.M44 2012  Fundamentals of Perspective 1 : one-point principles and concepts (dvd)

NC730.M4423 2012  Fundamentals of Perspective 3 : three-point principles and concepts (dvd)

NC825.A8 A78 2011  The Art of ‘Pulse’: designing futuristic racing vehicles with Harald Belker (dvd)

NC825.C43 T55 2011  Creative Character Design

NC978.5.G756 A2 2012  Brian Grimwood : the man who changed the look of British illustration

NC978.5.K65 A35 2011  On Illustration

NC997.P353 2013  Gold & Silver : metallic graphics no.3

NC997.S33 2012  The Design Activist’s Handbook : how to change the world (or at least your part of it) with socially conscious design

NC998.6.S34 N65 2011  Nordic Graphic Designers

NC999.6.G3 M8857 2012  Lingua Digitalis : dictionary for a connected world

NC999.6.G3 W45 2011  Markus Weisbeck : surface

NC1002.L63 S76 2012  Logo R.I.P. : a commemoration of dead logotypes

NC1764.5.U6 A45 2011  Action!  Thrills!  Mystery!  : comic book covers of the golden age 1933-1945

NC1766.U52 D52 2011  Working With Disney : interviews with animators, producers, and artists

NC1807.E85 E97 2012   The European Poster 1888-1938

NC1807.S65 C35 2011  The Art of Revolution : how posters swayed minds, forged nations and played their part in the progressive movements of the early 20th century

NC1849.P67 R46 2011  Design : GPO posters

NC1878.7.C6 T58 2012  Old Beijing : postcards from the Imperial City

NE694.M8 A4 2012x  Edvard Munch : complete graphic works

NK841.F63 2012  Canadian Folk Art to 1950

NK1166.A13 2012  50 Designers You Should Know

NK1390.S63 2013  An Introduction to Design and Culture : 1900 to the present

NK1412.H86 K74 2012  Dard Hunter : the graphic works

NK1412.W75 A4 2012  Russel Wright : the nature of design

NK1443.W55 2012  21 Designers for Twenty-first Century Britain

NK1452.A1 M3713 2011 Masterpieces of Italian Design

NK1452.Z9 M462 2011B  Alessandro Mendini

NK1473.7.Z9 A73 2011 Ron Arad

NK1483.A1 H275 2012  Chinese Arts and Crafts

NK1505.F65 2013  The Aesthetics of Imagination in Design

NK1505.H366 2012  Structure and Form in Design : critical ideas for creative practice

NK1535.V53 L59 2012  Vignelli : transit maps

NK1548.C54 2012  Color and Design

NK2115.5.T54 H45 2010  Puerto Rico Tile Designs

NK2395.M63 2012  Modern Furniture : 150 years of design

NK2399.2.S26 2012  The Bible of Classic Furniture : new furniture inspired by classical style

NK2439.E83 H43 2012  Paul Evans : designer and sculptor

NK2528.B46 2012  Liberty’s Furniture 1875-1915 : the birth of modern interior design

NK2550.J36 A4 2012  Le Corbusier : furniture and interiors 1905-1965

NK2574.W96 M47 2012   Dirk Wynants, Designer

NK2610.A554 A413 2011  Allgemeine Entwurfsanstalt with Trix and Robert Haussmann : furniture for Röthlisberger Kollektion

NK2663.C43 E53 2012  Cebu Furniture : a history of inspiration and innovation

NK2715.S53 2012  Chairs : 20th-century classics

NK4178.6.S6 H35 2012  Ardmore : we are because of others

NK4210.H4995 M49 2012  With Fire : Richard Hirsch : a life between chance and design

NK7310.5.J483 2012  Jewel Book : international annual of contemporary jewel art

NK7362.A1 M85 2012  Jewels in Spain : 1500-1800

NK8802.5.A8 B75 2011  Threads : contemporary textiles and the social fabric

NK8887.C37 2011  African Textile Patterns

NK8907.3.M65 2011  War and Worship : textiles from 3rd to 4th-century AD weapon deposits in Denmark and northern Germany

P93.5.I49 2012  Informotion : animated infographics

QA76.76.C672 S36 2012  Game Testing : all in one

QH540.D86 2010  Designing Wildlife Habitats

SB465.O93 2011  Piet Oudolf : landscapes in landscapes

SB470.J38 M55 2012  Almost Home : the public landscapes of Gertrude Jekyll

SB470.R36 V57 2012  Visible/Invisible : landscape works of Reed Hilderbrand

SB470.53.B97 2013  Garden Park Community Farm

SB472.S24 2012  Urban Landscapes

SB472.S58 2013  Landscape Architecture : a manual of environmental planning and design

SB472.3.C66 2011  Constructing Landscape : materials, techniques, structural components

SB472.45.A544 2011  Planting Design Essentials

SB472.45.W54 2003  Tropical Garden Design

SB475.9.F67 C73 2013  Tree Gardens : architecture and the forest

T385.C3517 2013  The Functional Art : an introduction to information graphics and visualization

T385.R5996 2012  Cinema 4D : beginner’s guide

T385.S93 2012  Cinema 4D R13 : cookbook

TR140.M89 B37 2012  Muybridge : the eye in motion

TR849.A1 S33 2013  Masters of Light : conversations with contemporary cinematographers

TR899.R44 2012  Film Editing : theory and practice

TS171.S624 2013  Sonic Interaction Design

TS2301.L8 P37 2012  Louis Vuitton : the birth of modern luxury

Z246.A55 2011  The Fundamentals of Creative Design (2nd edition)

Z246.K36 2011B  A Type Primer (2nd edition)

Z250.T976 2012  Typoholic

Z250.5.G6 I46 2012   I Love Franklin Gothic

Z250.5.S24 I46 2012   I Love Gill Sans