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Feb 06 2014

New books received in December and January

BH39.T397 2012  Refiguring the Spiritual : Beuys, Barney, Turrell, Goldsworthy

D743.23.I9367 2007  Ivan’s Childhood (dvd)

E178.5.S25 2013  The Big Picture : America in panorama

F128.65.P76 C85 2013  Prospect Park : Olmsted & Vaux’s Brooklyn masterpiece

GT1560.O43 2013  Kawaii!  Japan’s culture of cute

GT2130.G68 2013  Jan Jansen’s Shoe

HD53.K4534 2013  Creative Confidence : unleashing the creative potential within us all

HT166.G88 2013  Brand-Driven City Building and the Virtualization of Space

HT166.S399 2013  Shaping the City : studies in history, theory, and urban design

HT166.S43 2012  Second Hand Spaces : recycling sites undergoing urban transformation

HT167.F677 2013  Formerly Urban : projecting rust belt futures

HT168.N5 W37 2013  The Nature of Urban Design : a New York perspective on resilience

HT169.57.U52 S43 2013  Visions of Seaside : foundation / evolution / imagination : built & unbuilt architecture

HT177.N5 G74 2013  Battle for Ground Zero : inside the political struggle to rebuild the World Trade Center

LD3234.M234 M55 2013  University of Massachusetts Amherst : the campus guide

LD6338.P55 2013  Yale University : the campus guide

N70.C28 2013  Carnal Knowledge : towards a ‘new materialism’ through the arts

N6448.A74 A76 2013  The Armory Show at 100 : modernism and revolution

N6494.A2 B665 2013  Mary Boochever

N6497.K36 2013  Art Since 1980 : charting the contemporary

N6497.O98 2013  Out of Hand : materializing the postdigital

N6537.A94 A4 2013  Alice Aycock : drawings : some stories are worth repeating

N6537.M39655 A4 2013  Ryan McGinniss : sketchbook selections 2000-2012

N6950.U7 R883 2013  Ruud Kuijer : waterworks

N6973.V363 A4 2012  Berlinde De Bruyckere : Philippe Vandenberg : innocence is precisely : never to avoid the worst

N7405.S238 A4 2012  Nike Savvas : full of love, full of wonder

N7433.8.L45 2013  Mobile Digital Art : using the iPad and iPhone as creative tools

N8354.S57 2013  She’s Got What It Takes : American women artists in dialogue

NA107.I6 H57 2013  Historic Preservation in Indiana : essays from the field

NA590.T33 2013  Transformations : baroque and rococo in the age of absolutism and the Church Triumphant

NA680.V35 2013  Architecture on the Carpet : the curious tale of construction toys and the genesis of modern buildings

NA687.N66 2013  [Non-] Essential Knowledge for [New] Architecture

NA712.S487 2013  Donald Olsen : architect of habitable abstractions

NA735.S437 L95 2013  The Sea Ranch : fifty years of architecture, landscape, place, and community on the Northern California coast

NA737.G728 A4 2013  Allan Greenberg : classical architect

NA737.G79 O28 2013  Guastavino Vaulting : the art of structural tile

NA737.M87 C52 2013  Classical Invention : the architecture of John B. Murray

NA737.S623 A4 2013  Architecture as a Design Partnership

NA905.6.P37 2013  O’Neil Ford Duograph : Paraguay : Abu & Font House, Surubi House

NA958.R38 2014  The Rationalist Reader : architecture and rationalism in Western Europe 1920-1940/1960-1990

NA997.F37 A4 2013  Collage & Context : the work of Terry Farrell & Partners 1981-1991

NA997.L76 A4 2012  Berthold Lubetkin : architecture and the tradition of progress

NA1053.J35 A4 2012  Phase : the architecture of jakob + macfarlane

NA1088.G883 G78 2013  Dialogues : Gruntuch Ernst Architects

NA1123.C645 C67 2013  Francesco Coppola : eclecticism

NA1148.6.K56 2013   Reactivate!: innovators of Dutch architecture

NA1153.M87 A4 2013  MVRDV Buildings

NA1199.C47 K4513 2013  Yakov Chernikhov : architectural fantasies in Russian constructivism

NA1199.C486 A4 2013  Sergei Tchoban : architecture

NA1293.L48 A4 2013  Sigurd Lewerentz

NA1313.A66.A4 2012  Topographical Architecture : Andreu Arriola & Carme Fiol Barcelona 1987-2012

NA1313.J63 E47 2013  EAA Emre Arolat Architects

NA1313.V48 A4 2013  Luis Vidal + Architects : from process to results

NA1479.K37 A4 2013  Ma(r)king Ground : three projects

NA1995.L79 2014  The Architect’s Guide to Effective Self-Presentation

NA2705.5.G65 2013  Never Built Los Angeles

NA4100.B454 2014  Materials for Design 2

NA1549.Y36 A4 2012  Ma Yansong : from (global) modernity to (local) tradition

NA2500.L35 2013  Landscapes of Mobility : culture, politics, and placemaking

NA2542.35 R45 2013  Relational Architectural Ecologies : architecture, nature and subjectivity

NA2542.36.M34 2013  The Sustainable Asian House : Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philipines

NA2543.S6 U84 2013  Use Matters : an alternative history of architecture

NA2728.C33 2013  CAD Fundamentals for Architecture

NA2750.S545 2013  Introduction to Architectural Technology  (2nd edition)

NA2760.C44 2014  Fathoming the Unfathomable : archival ghosts + paradoxical shadows (Pamphlet Architecture 34)

NA2765.K36 2013  No Matter : theories and practices of the ephemeral in architecture

NA2850.H65 2013  The Memory Palace : a book of lost interiors

NA4600.C36 2013  The Secret Language of Sacred Spaces : decoding churches, temples, mosques, and other places of worship around the world

NA5461.B97 2013  Beautiful Churches : saved by the Churches Conservation Trust

NA6001.A86 2013  The Hermit’s Hut : architecture and asceticism in India

NA6214.N4 M44 2012  The Netherlands : off the shelf

NA6230.B47x 2013  Buro Office : best of Detail

NA6230.W67 2013  Workscape : new spaces for new work

NA6233.N5 F68 2013  400 Fifth Avenue : a new Gwathmey Siegel landmark

NA6301.D48 2012  Design for Aviation

NA6840.G32 B474 2013  Philharmonie

NA6700.A5 S75 2012  Stedelijk Architecture

NA6750.A2 F76 2012  French Museum Architecture

NA7117.3.T67 2013  The Greenest Home : superinsulated and passive house design

NA7125.M36 2013  Dwelling in Possibility : searching for the soul of shelter

NA7126.C66 2013  Contemporary Living Space

NA7205.H76 2013  Houses without Names : architectural nomenclature and the classification of America’s common houses

NA7208.2.M63 2013  Modern American Housing : high-rise, reuse, infill

NA7235.D32 M55 2013  Chateau Country : Du Pont estates in the Brandywine valley

NA7387.B67 C37 2013  Casa Alta : an Andalusian paradise

NA7451.K638 2013  Architecture, Possible Here?  “Home for All”

NA7533.H68 2013  Houses & Apartments Under 1000 Square Feet

NA7710.H57 2013  How to Read Castles : a crash course in understanding fortifications

NA7820.P33 2013  Catskill Resorts : lost architecture of paradise

NA8210.G67 J47 2013  Alston Moor, Cumbria : buildings in a North Pennines landscape

NA8230.S73 2013  Barns of Connecticut

NA8480.K755 2014  Architecture in Motion : the history and development of portable building

NA9031.S3413 2013  Designing Cities : basics, principles, projects

NA9053.S6 J33 2013  Aesthetic Maintenance of Civic Space : the ‘classical’ city from the 4th to the 7th c. AD

NA9105.G37 2014  The American City : what works, what doesn’t

NA9105.R48 2014  Rethinking the American City : an international dialogue

NA9200.B4 C58 2013  The City in the City : Berlin : a green archipelago

NA9228.Z8 G53 2013  Glatt! : from suburb to city

NC139.D56 A4 2012x  Hello Yellow Glove : new drawings by Jim Dine

NC139.H65 A4 2013  Hopper Drawing

NC139.H66 R65 2013  Roni Horn : 153 drawings

NC242.T9 A4 2012  Turner’s Secret Sketches

NC247.B68 A4 2013  Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec : drawings

NC251.E94 A4 2013  Obsidian : Eva & Adele

NC257.P4396 P48 2013  Timestory : the illustrative collages of Lorenzo Petrantoni

NC825.A8 S56 2013  The Timeless Racer : machines of a time traveling speed junkie

NC880.N487 2013  Pastel Drawing

NC953.8.H36 S54 2013 Sketching Guantanamo : court sketches of the military tribunals 2006-2013

NC960.L54x 2013  A Life in Illustration : the most famous illustrators and their work

NC974.4.A537 A986 2012  Autonomy : the cover designs of Anarchy 1961-1970

NC975.5.R44 P48 2013  The Beautiful Poster Lady : a life of Ethel Reed

NC997.C73 2013  Creation Stories

NC997.M39 2013  The Designer as Author, Producer, Activist, Entrepreneur, Curator & Collaborator : new models for communicating

NC997.S266 2014  Guide to Graphic Design

NC999.2.C55 2014  Graphic Icons : visionaries who shaped modern graphic design

NC999.4.V36 A4 2013  John Van Hamersveld : fifty years of graphic design

NC999.6.N4 S7823 2013  Work Hard Play Harder : work by Studio Kluif

NC1002.L3 M3315 2013  World Tour : vintage hotel labels from the collection of Gaston-Louis Vuitton

NC1002.L63 L396 2013  A Logo For London

NC1002.L63 T43 2013  The Logo Design Toolbox : time-saving templates for graphic design

NC1763.P66 N38 2013  The Art of Controversy : political cartoons and their enduring power

NC1764.C35 2011 1000 Ideas by 100 Manga Artists

NC1764.5.A37 B78 2013  Aesthetics : a memoir

NC1764.5.J3 L46 2013  101 Tips from Professional Manga Artists

NC1766.J3 D23  Anime

NC1766.J3 J37 2013  Japanese Animation : East Asian perspectives

NC1766.U53 C53 2013  The Films of Pixar Animation Studio

NC1766.U53 C65 2013  The Croods : the art of Dreamworks

NC1766.U53 F58 2013  The Art of Frozen

NC1807.N4 P48x 2012 Poster #524 : exploring the contemporary poster

NC1850.G36 G36 2013  Abram Games : design

NK720.B54 2013  God is Beautiful and Loves Beauty : the object in Islamic art and culture

NK1390.F35 2013  Century Design : new design icons from mass market to avant-garde

NK1411.D44 F59 2012  Poetry to the Earth : the Arts and Crafts movement in Deerfield

NK1450.G884 2010   Good Design 10

NK1452.A1 M33 2014  Made in Italy : rethinking a century of Italian design

NK1484.A1 D57 2012  Display, Commercial Space & Sign Design vol. 40

NK1510.S74 2011  Launching the Imagination : a guide to three-dimensional design

NK1520.E87 2012  Design Forward : creative strategies for sustainable change

NK1520.G78 2012  Einhundert : der Designer und die Dinge

NK1520.S35 2013  The Fundamentals of Interface Design

NK1535.E25 D46 2013  An Eames Primer (updated edition)

NK1535.G89 G46 2012  Guzzini : infinite Italian design

NK1570.H37 2013  Symbol, Pattern & Symmetry : the cultural significance of structure

NK2110.H83 2013  The Design Book : 1000 new designs for the home and where to find them

NK2113.B3455 2013  Retro Style : class, gender and design in the home

NK2195.H6 P59 2013  Detail in Contemporary Hotel Design

NK2529.F57 2013  When Oak Was New : English furniture & daily life 1530-1700

NK2570.P37 S73 2013  Pastoe : 100 years of design innovation

NK2715.B74 2012  Friso Kramer’s Chair

NK3600.D19 2013  The Field Guide to Typography : typefaces in the urban landscape

NK3600.H355 2013  Shadow Type : classic three-dimensional lettering

NK3940.S73 2013  Additions to Clay Bodies

NK4890.S53 W45 2013  Art & Sole

NK4210.S53 A4 2013  Adam Silverman : ceramics

NK7398.V36 C66 2012  In Praise of Hands : the art of fine jewelry at Van Cleef & Arpels

NK7423.5.E8713 2013  New Earrings : 500+ designs from around the world

NK9900.7.B87 T43 2013  Lacquerware Journeys : the untold story of Burmese lacquer

PN1995.9.I74 R65 2001  Fellini’s Roma (dvd)

PN1995.9.M86 F4347536 2007  Federico Fellini’s Ginger & Fred (dvd)

PN1995.S67 T669 2007  The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (dvd)

PN1995.9.W6 C52 2001 Fellini’s City of Women (dvd)

PN1997.B69 2011  The Boyfriend (dvd)

PN1997.G53446 2008  Glitterbox (dvd)

PN1997.M57 1974 The Mirror (dvd)

PN1997.2.H62 F35 2012  The Hobbit : an unexpected journey : chronicles : art & design

PN1997.99.H482 2000  Almodovar’s High Heels (dvd)

PN1998.3.T583 A3 2013  Guillermo del Toro Cabinet of Curiosities : my notebooks, collections, and other obsessions

PN6084.D46 B33 2013  The Designer Says : quotes, quips and words of wisdom

QA76.76.C672 L75 2014  iOS Game Development : developing games for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

RA792.M335 2014  Therapeutic Landscapes : an evidence-based approach to designing healing gardens and restorative outdoor spaces

SB451.36.G7 T87 2013  British Gardens : history, philosophy and design

SB458.O54 2013  One Hundred Years in the Huntington’s Japanese Garden

SB465.B35 2013  Contemporary Designers’ Own Gardens

SB466.U73 T74 2013  Bok Tower Gardens : America’s Taj Mahal

SB470.B46 J3613 2013  Louis Benech : twelve French gardens

SB470.55.G3 Z458 2013 Time Scales

SB472.7.L357 2013  Landscape Urbanism and its Discontents

T385.D684656 2014 discs 1-2  Dosch HDRI : industrial backplates vol.1

T385.D6846562 2014 discs 1-2  Dosch HDRI : industrial backplates vol.2

T385.D6846572 2014 discs 1-3 Dosch HDRI : interior

T385.D6846574 2014 discs 1-3  Dosch HDRI : medical backgrounds

T385.D6846576 2014 discs 1-3  Dosch HDRI : shop interiors

T385.D68465797 2014 discs 1-3  Dosch HDRI : sports backgrounds

T385.D684657995 2014 discs 1-2 Dosch HDRI : studio atmospheres

T385.W6456 2013  The Graphic Designer’s Digital Toolkit (6th edition)

TA666.B76 2012  Cutting-Edge Wooden Houses

TH4652.D39 2011  The Sainsbury Laboratory : science, architecture, art

TH4819.P7 S47 2012  Prefab Houses

TH4860.D47 2013  Design and Construction of High-Performance Homes

TK4383.R5313 2013  Flickering Light : a history of neon

TR897.7.M87257 2014  Autodesk 3ds Max Bible 2014

TS171.A527 2013  Star Product Designers : prototypes, products, and sketches from the world’s top designers

TS171.B88 2012  People Want Toast Not Toasters : lessons and maxims for design and designing

TS171.D475 2013  The Design Book

TS171.P725 2013  The Industrial Design Reference + Specification Book

TS171.6.D592 2013  Tom Dixon : Dixonary

TT500.A1 S47 2010  The September Issue (dvd)

TT502.V477 2012  Versailles ’73 (dvd)

TT505.V74 V73 2013  Diana Vreeland : memos : the Vogue years

TT715.B84 2013  Sew Electric : a collection of diy projects that combine fabric, electronics and programming

UG429.A38 S74 2012  Concrete Mushrooms : reusing Albania’s 750,000 abandoned bunkers

Z246.5.B76 B47 2013  The Best of Brochure Design 12

Z250.C66 2013  The Geometry of Type : the anatomy of 100 essential typefaces

Z286.P4 L47 2013  The Modern Magazine : visual journalism in the digital era