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Jan 19 2011

NC GIS Academic Assembly: Feb. 16

I’m excited to announce that arrangements have been made to have an academic GIS assembly in Raleigh on the afternoon of February 16, prior to the NC GIS Conference of Feb. 17-18, 1:30-5.  This assembly is designed to be a time for getting to know each other and to have a number of GIS presentations from researchers across the state on a variety of topics.  There is no cost to participate.

Please come and hear about some great research using GIS and meet your peers from around the state.  We’re hoping for a nice turnout that will still be relaxed and informal.  If you do plan to attend or bring a group of students, please let me know so I’ll know how many to expect (

The assembly will be held at the Walnut Creek Wetlands Center in Raleigh.  This facility has been open for just over a year, and should be a great venue.  It is scenic, educational, and located very close to downtown where the main NC GIS Conference will be held at the Convention Center.  The Wetlands Center’s official website is at, but it doesn’t have much – you may just want to Google “Walnut Creek Wetlands Center” to get more details and see photos of this excellent venue.

Please note that, technically speaking, this event is separate from the main NC GIS Conference.  Therefore, you will still need to register and pay the registration fee for the main NC GIS Conference, even if you are speaking and attending our academic assembly.

A few people have asked if they can come to this meeting without registering for the main NC GIS Conference.  The answer: Absolutely!  There is no cost to come to our academic meeting and it is not at all financially affiliated with the main NC GIS Conference that starts Feb. 17.  We are just having this meeting on Feb. 16 because of the number of GIS people coming to town for the NC GIS Conference.

I urge you participate if you’re able, and we’re looking forward to having a great academic event to kick off the main GIS conference the next day.  If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


1:45 Welcome

1:50 Greg Ferrara, NCSU ITRE, “Map Visualization as Building Blocks for Motor Carrier Enforcement Decision Support”

2:15 Prasad Pathak, UNC-G, “Application of Classification Tree Method to Verify Consistency of Spectral Signatures”

*This presentation will be about examining the nature of spectral signatures using CART (Classification and Regression Tree analysis). This small study was carried out to identify land cover categories creating confusion in the process of thematic classification. The results were helpful in deciding the approach for classification.

2:40 Eric Lester, IAVO Research and Scientific, “GeoGenesis:  Where It All Begins”

3:05 Break

3:20 Ken Galluppi, RENCI, “Development of a Statewide Geoanalytic Infrastructure for Sharing and Analyzing Large Datasets – A National Weather Service Prototype”

3:45 Ann Moss Joyner, Cedar Grove Institute for Sustainable Communities, Inc., “Using GIS in Academia to Further Social Justice and Promote Economic Development”

4:10 L. Jesse Rouse, UNC-Pembroke, “From AmericaView to NCView: Earth Observation and You”

4:35 Chris Badurek, ASU, “A GIS Method for Monitoring Rural Sprawl Along the S. Fork New River”

5:00 Wrap-up and Adjourn

(The Wetlands Center will begin closing at 5:30)

UPDATE 2/14/2011:

The final agenda is now online in case you need a nice print-out:

Jeff Essic, Data Services Librarian
NCSU Libraries
(919) 515-5698