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Nov 01 2012

Pushing the limits of how we create, see, and use data

What is unique about the Hunt Library is its conception of what a 21st-century learning environment should be.  It transitions from being a place you go to take away information in book form to a place that provides an intellectual home for you to deeply experience the knowledge that you are interacting with.  It encourages hands-on capabilities to take the knowledge that you might find in conventional libraries and apply it in creative, interactive, innovative ways to explore what knowledge can do. . . . NC State is unique in having access to such amazing technologies and spaces.

R. Michael Young, Professor of Computer Science, North Carolina State University

One couldn’t ask for a better statement of the vision behind the Hunt Library.  But Dr. Young was, in particular, talking about the five giant high-definition video display walls that will make the new library a hub for showcasing student and faculty work and encouraging research on large-scale visualization when it opens on January 2, 2013.  Here’s the full story: