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Category: Computers and Information Technology

Mar 25 2017

26 New Theses & Dissertations from the College of Engineering at NC State

Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering.

Design and Implementation of a Tissue Compliant Thoracic Retractor.
by Verderber, Alexander Gerard

Analytical Tools for Characterizing Developmental Toxicity of Environmental Chemicals Using High-throughput Screening in Zebrafish (Danio rerio).
by Zhang, Guozhu

Enhanced Mass Transport Nonwovens as Industrial Scale Tissue Engineering Scaffolds Using Human Adipose Derived Stem Cells.
by Tuin, Stephen Alexander

Modeling Glutathione Dynamics in Response to Chemical Perturbation Suggests the Importance of Cysteine Upregulation in Hepatocyte Function.
by Nguyen, Alan Dinh

Chemical Engineering
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Understanding and Exploiting the Properties of Type I CRISPR-Cas Systems.
by Luo, Michelle Lynn

Crafting Detailed Kinetic Mechanisms for Gas- and Condensed-Phase Systems using Computational Quantum Chemistry.
by Needham, Craig Daniel

Investigation of Elastin-like Polypeptide Lower Critical Solution Temperature Behavior and Fibril Formation of Silk-inspired Polypeptide Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations.
by Zhao, Binwu

Towards Environmentally-benign Nanoengineering: Antimicrobial Nanoparticles Based on Silver-infused Lignin Cores.
by Richter, Alexander Philipp

The GRIK-SnRK1 Kinase Cascade: Characterizing Phosphorylation of TCP Transcription Factors and Motifs in Arabidopsis Proteins.
by Greeley, Laura Ann

Civil Engineering
Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering.

Assessment of Automated Sign Retroreflectivity Measurement.
by Vaughan, Christopher L.

Determination of P-y Curves for Sand by Laboratory Experiments and Three-dimensional Numerical Analyses of Laterally Loaded Piles.
by Vo, Long Hoang

Computer Science
Computer Science.

(Dis)Similarity-based Classification Of Cross Domain Multivariate Spatiotemporal Systems Using Dynamic Network Structures and Graph Edit Distances.
by Sencan, Huseyin

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Mapping with Biobotic Insect Networks: A Geometric Estimation and Topological Data Analysis Framework.
by Dirafzoon, Alireza

AnyCore: Design, Fabrication, and Evaluation of Comprehensively Adaptive Superscalar Processors.
by Basu Roy Chowdhury, Rangeen

Wearable Thermoelectric Generators for Self-Powered Electronics.
by Suarez, Francisco Xavier

Wide-Area Monitoring and Control of Power Systems using Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulations.
by Weiss, Matthew David

Cooperative Distributed Energy Management for Smart Grid.
by Zhang, Yuan

Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences
Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences

The Influence of Processing Variables on the Flavor of Dried Dairy Ingredients.
by Park, Curtis Wayne

Materials Science & Engineering
Materials Science & Engineering

Molecular Modeling of the Self-assembly of Stimuli-responsive Biomacromolecules.
by Li, Nan

Two Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides: From Controlled Synthesis to Catalysis and Photonics.
by Yu, Yifei

Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Cu and Cu-Zn Alloys.
by Ma, Xiaolong

Improving the Performance of Semiconductor Sensor Devices Using Surface Functionalization.
by Rohrbaugh, Nathaniel W.

Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane (POSS) Dianiline as a Replacement for Toxic Methylenedianiline in PMR-15: Chemistry and Properties.
by Lamb, Jason Thomas

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Characterization of Diffusion of Elastic Waves in Cortical Bone.
by Gardner, Mason Robert

Low-Order Modeling of Upstream Flow Disturbances on Wing Aerodynamic Performance.
by Nagulakonda Venkata, Kula Sekhar

Modeling and Experimental Investigations of Dynamics of Long Tethers with Applications to Tethered Balloon Platforms for Extra-terrestrial Exploration.
by Yoder, Christopher Doolin

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Dec 18 2016

26 New Theses & Dissertations from the College of Engineering at NC State

Biological & Agricultural Engineering
Biological & Agricultural Engineering.

Characterization of Coastal Plain Parking Lot Runoff and Effects of Retrofitting with Infiltrating Stormwater Control Measures
by Tillett, Breanna

Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering.

Influenza Receptor Binding Site Antibody Induction in Rhesus Macaques
by Von Holle, Tarra Alaina

Chemical Engineering
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Development of the Extreme Thermophiles Pyrococcus furiosus and Sulfolobus acidocaldarius as Metabolic Engineering Platforms
by Loder, Andrew James

Sequence specific CRISPR-based antimicrobials for treating multidrug-resistant infections
by Gomaa, Ahmed Abdelshafy Mahmoud

Binders and Hosts for High-Capacity Lithium-ion Battery Anodes
by Dufficy, Martin Kyle

Civil Engineering
Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering.

Models for Determining Effective Pile Lengths for Pile Bents
by Robinson, Brent Ross

The Impact of Nine-Panel Logo Signs, Logo Familiarity, Logo Format, and Drivers’ Age on Food and Attraction Target Accuracy
by Veiga Silva Machado, Patricia

Increasing Success in First-of-a-Kind Projects through the Use of Technology Development
by Adams, Gregory Scott

Computer Science
Computer Science.

Supporting Position Independence in NVM and Porting New and Legacy C Code to NVM
by Budhiraja, Richa

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Modeling, Evaluation and Enhancement of Threats-Induced Reliability in Cyber-Physical Systems
by Wei, Mingkui

Visualizing Narrative Threads in a Large Collection of Documents
by Thuruvas Dinakaran, Gowtham

Three-Dimensional Integration of Heterogeneous Multi-Core Processors
by Widialaksono, Randy Hari

Towards Automated Canine Training: Wearable Cyber-Physical Systems for Physiological and Behavioral Monitoring of Dogs
by Brugarolas Brufau, Rita

A Just-In-Time Compiler for Intelligent Manufacturing
by Coimbatore Annadorai, Lakshman Naresh

Design of On-chip Bus of Heterogeneous 3DIC Micro-processors
by Zhang, Zhenqian

Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences
Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences

Colloidal Stability of Whey Protein Isolate in Acidic Beverages
by Page, Dylan Lewis

Quality of Cucumbers Fermented in Acidified and Non-Acidified Calcium Chloride Brines for Reduced Environmental Impact of Brining Operations
by McMurtrie, Erin Kelly

Industrial Engineering
Industrial & Systems Engineering.

Automated Model Processing and Localization of Additively Manufactured Parts for Finish Machining
by Srinivasan, Harshad

Simulation Metamodeling with Gaussian Process: A Numerical Study
by De La Fuente, Rodrigo Andres

Driving Performance, Adaptation and Cognitive Workload Costs of Logo Sign Panel Detection as Mediated by Driver Age
by Lau, Mei Ying

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Bio-inspired Online Variable Recruitment Control of Fluidic Artificial Muscles
by Jenkins, Tyler Earl

An Offset Hub Active Vibration Control System for Mitigating Helicopter Vibrations during Power Loss: Simulation and Experimental Demonstration
by Kakaley, Daniel Edwin

Additively Manufactured Sacrificial Tooling for Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composite Fabrication
by Lakshman, Narender Shankar

Non-Spherical Particle Transport, Collision and Deposition in Turbulent Flows
by Saini, Nadish

Nuclear Engineering
Nuclear Engineering

Coupling of Plasmas and Liquids
by Lindsay, Alexander David

Development of Advanced Analysis Toolkit for Turbulent Bubbly Flow Simulations
by Fang, Jun

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Nov 17 2016

25 New Theses & Dissertations from the College of Sciences at NC State

Biological Sciences

Characterization of Marek’s Disease Virus-Induced Immunosuppression in Meat Type Chickens using Infectious Laryngotracheitis Challenge Model
by Nik Mohd Azmi, Nik Mohd Faiz Bin

Characterizing Human Norovirus-Bacteria Interactions
by Almand, Erin Ahmo


Mechanistic Study of Photodriven Intermolecular [2+2] Cycloaddition of Enones
by Kim, Soo Kyum

Using Small Molecules to Disarm Bacterial Defense Mechanisms
by Brackett, Christopher Martin

Study of Bridge Effects on Electronic Coupling of Donor-Bridge-Acceptor Biradical Complexes
by Zhang, Jinyuan

Metal-to-metal Charge Transfer (MMCT) in Heterobimetallic Systems Containing Vanadium(IV)
by Wu, Xinyuan

Investigating the Effects of Structural Changes to Enzymatic Activity in Isoenzymes of Dehaloperoxidase from Amphitrite ornata
by Gavenko, Roman

Lengthening Charge Transfer Excited State Lifetimes in First Row Transition Metal Complexes
by Goggins, Eric Michael

The Interplay of Structure, Luminescence, and Charge Transfer Kinetics in Boron Dipyrromethene Chromophores, Photosensitized Cobaloxime Catalysts and Oxidovanadium LMCT Complexes
by Francis, Aaron James

Investigation of using Paper Microfluidic Techniques as a means of Improving Paper Spray Mass Spectrometry’s Analytical Capabilities
by Murray, Ian James

Marine, Earth, & Atmospheric Studies

Impacts of Ice Nucleation on Regional Climate and Air Quality Using WRF-CAM5: Application, Evaluation, and Sensitivity Study
By Chen, Ying

Impacts of Eddies, Topography, and Topographic Rossby Waves on North Brazil Deep Current Variability: an Observation and Modeling Synthesis Study
By Gong, Yanlin

Recent Development and Human Impact on the Pearl River Delta, Southern China
By Wang, Yaojie

Coupled Groundwater and Volatile Organic Compound Fluxes through a Coastal Plain Streambed, North Carolina
By Nickels, Josephine Lisa

Protistan-copepod Trophic Interactions in Bogue Sound, NC
By Bursey, Joseph Ryan


Gradient-Free Active Subspace Construction and Model Calibration Techniques for Complex Models
by Lewis, Allison Leigh

A Theoretical Analysis of Anderson Acceleration and Its Application in Multiphysics Simulation for Light-Water Reactors
by Toth, Alexander Raymond

Cost and Benefit Analysis of Vaccination Strategies for the HIV Virus
by Acquesta, Erin Carolyn Solfiell

Hall-Littlewood Vertex Operators and the Kostka-Foulkes Polynomials
by Bryan, Timothee William

Biological Applications of Uncertainty Quantification, Including Multiscale Daphnia magna Population Modeling
by Adoteye, Kaska


Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Nanoconfined DNA
by Azad, Zubair

Spectroscopic Studies of Semiconductor Materials for Aggressive-scaled Micro- and Opto-electronic Devices: nc-SiO2, GeO2; ng-Si, Ge and ng-Transition metal (TM) oxides
by Cheng, Cheng


A Study of Log-concave Mixture Models
by Hu, Hao

New Statistical Methods for Precision Medicine: Variable Selection for Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regimes and Subgroup Detection
by Fan, Ailin

Optimal Individualized Treatment Strategy: Flexible Modeling with/without Imaging Covariates
by Luo, Shikai

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Jun 06 2016

25 New Computer Science Books @ NC State Libraries

Jun 03 2016

25 New Computer Science Books @ NC State Libraries

May 05 2016

25 New Computer Science eBooks @ NC State Libraries

Apr 27 2016

25 New Computer Science Books @ NC State Libraries

Apr 06 2016

19 New Computer Science Books @ NC State Libraries

Mar 09 2016

25 New Computer Science eBooks @ NC State Libraries

Mar 06 2016

25 New Computer Science eBooks @ NC State Libraries