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Category: Math and Statistics

Mar 26 2017

3 New Theses & Dissertations from the College of Sciences at NC State


Structural, Optical, and Photoelectrochemical Properties of Novel Metal Oxide Semiconductors.
by Sullivan, Ian


Spatial Methods for Modeling Extreme and Rare Events.
by Morris, Samuel Alan

Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regimes from a Classification Perspective for Two Stage Studies with Survival Data.
by Hager, Rebecca Sarah

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Jan 14 2017

20 New Theses & Dissertations from the College of Sciences at NC State

Biological Sciences

Individual Variation in Diet Response: Health Effects of Dietary Interventions on Mice with Diverse Genetic Backgrounds.
by Barrington, William Thomas

Overcoming the Dominant Negative Effect of Mutant p53+/R172H Mice.
by Tam, Hann Wen

Is the Biology of M. chitwoodi and M. hapla Reflected in Their Genomes?
by Cha, Soyeon

Alphavirus Entry, Assembly, and Egress.
by Magliocca, Joseph William


Density Functional Theory Studies of Large Natural and Artificial Light-Harvesting Arrays.
by Shrestha, Kushal

Progress Towards the Total Synthesis of Pentacyclic Guanidinium Alkaloids.
by Moazami, Yasamin

Structure Determination of Membrane Proteins Reconstituted in Biological-Like Membrane Mimetics via Oriented-Sample NMR.
by Tesch, Deanna Marie

New Strategies for Engineering the Substrate Specificity of Polyketide Synthases.
by Ladner, Christopher Colin

Combating Pathogenic Bacteria through Small Molecule Adjuvants.
by Stephens, Matthew Daniel

Marine, Earth, & Atmospheric Studies

The Sedimentary Record of Past Earthquakes Identified in Holocene Sediments of Lake Crescent, Washington.
By Pollen, Audrianna Fitzgerald

Analysis of Precipitation Predictability in a 29-Year Reforecast.
By Tate, Jennifer Elyse

An Investigation of the Sensitivity of East African Climate Variability to Urbanization.
By Gudoshava, Masilin


Quantifying Degradation in Ceramic Matrix Composites Through Electromagnetic Interrogation and the Related Estimation Techniques.
by Catenacci, Jared William

Uncertainty Quantification for Mixed-Effects Models with Applications in Nuclear Engineering.
by Schmidt, Kathleen Lynn

Some Geometric Aspects of Hyperbolic Conservation Laws.
by Benfield, Michael Ray


Coupling Organic Molecules to Topological Insulators.
by Hewitt, Andrew Scott

Single-Molecule Studies of Sequence and Structure Dependent DNA Binding by SA1 and SA2.
by Countryman, Preston James

Examining End-Of-Chapter Problems Across Editions of an Introductory Calculus-Based Physics Textbook.
by Xiao, Bin

Orbital Control of Spin-Polarized Hybridization for Spin Injection at Metal-Organic Interface.
by Wang, Jingying


Weak Signal Detection with Applications in High-throughput Genomic Data Analysis.
by Zhang, Teng

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Nov 17 2016

25 New Theses & Dissertations from the College of Sciences at NC State

Biological Sciences

Characterization of Marek’s Disease Virus-Induced Immunosuppression in Meat Type Chickens using Infectious Laryngotracheitis Challenge Model
by Nik Mohd Azmi, Nik Mohd Faiz Bin

Characterizing Human Norovirus-Bacteria Interactions
by Almand, Erin Ahmo


Mechanistic Study of Photodriven Intermolecular [2+2] Cycloaddition of Enones
by Kim, Soo Kyum

Using Small Molecules to Disarm Bacterial Defense Mechanisms
by Brackett, Christopher Martin

Study of Bridge Effects on Electronic Coupling of Donor-Bridge-Acceptor Biradical Complexes
by Zhang, Jinyuan

Metal-to-metal Charge Transfer (MMCT) in Heterobimetallic Systems Containing Vanadium(IV)
by Wu, Xinyuan

Investigating the Effects of Structural Changes to Enzymatic Activity in Isoenzymes of Dehaloperoxidase from Amphitrite ornata
by Gavenko, Roman

Lengthening Charge Transfer Excited State Lifetimes in First Row Transition Metal Complexes
by Goggins, Eric Michael

The Interplay of Structure, Luminescence, and Charge Transfer Kinetics in Boron Dipyrromethene Chromophores, Photosensitized Cobaloxime Catalysts and Oxidovanadium LMCT Complexes
by Francis, Aaron James

Investigation of using Paper Microfluidic Techniques as a means of Improving Paper Spray Mass Spectrometry’s Analytical Capabilities
by Murray, Ian James

Marine, Earth, & Atmospheric Studies

Impacts of Ice Nucleation on Regional Climate and Air Quality Using WRF-CAM5: Application, Evaluation, and Sensitivity Study
By Chen, Ying

Impacts of Eddies, Topography, and Topographic Rossby Waves on North Brazil Deep Current Variability: an Observation and Modeling Synthesis Study
By Gong, Yanlin

Recent Development and Human Impact on the Pearl River Delta, Southern China
By Wang, Yaojie

Coupled Groundwater and Volatile Organic Compound Fluxes through a Coastal Plain Streambed, North Carolina
By Nickels, Josephine Lisa

Protistan-copepod Trophic Interactions in Bogue Sound, NC
By Bursey, Joseph Ryan


Gradient-Free Active Subspace Construction and Model Calibration Techniques for Complex Models
by Lewis, Allison Leigh

A Theoretical Analysis of Anderson Acceleration and Its Application in Multiphysics Simulation for Light-Water Reactors
by Toth, Alexander Raymond

Cost and Benefit Analysis of Vaccination Strategies for the HIV Virus
by Acquesta, Erin Carolyn Solfiell

Hall-Littlewood Vertex Operators and the Kostka-Foulkes Polynomials
by Bryan, Timothee William

Biological Applications of Uncertainty Quantification, Including Multiscale Daphnia magna Population Modeling
by Adoteye, Kaska


Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Nanoconfined DNA
by Azad, Zubair

Spectroscopic Studies of Semiconductor Materials for Aggressive-scaled Micro- and Opto-electronic Devices: nc-SiO2, GeO2; ng-Si, Ge and ng-Transition metal (TM) oxides
by Cheng, Cheng


A Study of Log-concave Mixture Models
by Hu, Hao

New Statistical Methods for Precision Medicine: Variable Selection for Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regimes and Subgroup Detection
by Fan, Ailin

Optimal Individualized Treatment Strategy: Flexible Modeling with/without Imaging Covariates
by Luo, Shikai

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Jun 15 2016

8 New Theses & Dissertations from the College of Sciences at NC State

Biological Sciences

Dengue virus Non-Structural Protein 1: Roles in Replication and Immunity.
by Alayli, Farah Ahmed

Mapping Phytophthora Root Rot Resistance in Fir Species through Genotyping by Sequencing.
by Kohlway, William Henry

Biological Effects of Complex Estrogenic and other Endocrine Active Mixtures in Aquatic Systems.
by Lee Pow, Crystal Stephanie Dawna


Triplet State Photophysics of Perylenemonoimide Revealed in a Pt(II) Charge Transfer Complex.
by Wright, Katherine Margaret

Marine, Earth, & Atmospheric Studies

On the Physicochemical Processes Controlling Organic Aerosol Hygroscopicity.
By Petters, Sarah Suda


Algebraic and Combinatorial Properties of Statistical Models for Ranked Data.
by Bock, Brandon William


Atomic Scale Friction and Lubrication of Carbon Based Materials in Aqueous Environments.
by Liu, Zijian


Molecular Evolution Model Selection and Averaged Estimators.
by Wilson, Samuel D.

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Jun 09 2016

11 New Mathematics Books @ NC State Libraries

Jun 04 2016

9 New Probabilities and Statistics Books @ NC State Libraries

Jun 02 2016

12 New Mathematics eBooks @ NC State Libraries

May 16 2016

3 New Mathematics Books @ NC State Libraries

Apr 30 2016

17 New Mathematics Books @ NC State Libraries

Apr 16 2016

3 New Mathematics Books @ NC State Libraries