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Category: PAMS

Nov 18 2013

5 New Theses and Dissertations from the College of Sciences

Biological Sciences

Mathematical Models of Genetic Strategies for Controlling the Dengue Vector, Aedes aegypti.
by Robert, Michael Andrew


Wakimoto Modules, FMS Bosonization and Integrable Hierarchies.
by Fleisher, Daniel Nicholas

Numerical Simulation of Resonant Tunneling Devices Described by the Wigner-Poisson Equations.
by Costolanski, Anne Stefanie

Multiscale Modeling of Plant Growth Combining Enzyme Kinetics and Whole Plant Dynamics and Experimental Design Applications.
by Rehm, Keri Leigh


Many-body Study of Core-valence Partitioning and Correlation in Systems with Large-Z Element.
by Zhu, Minyi

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May 09 2013

3 New Theses and Dissertations from the College of Physical & Mathematical Sciences


Determination of Surface Acidity of Mixed Self-Assembled Monolayers
by Trisha Kay Lindenmuth

Design and Synthesis of Novel Compounds for Studying Electronic Coupling, Exchange Coupling and Magnetotransport Properties
by Geoffrey Freeland Lewis


Model Selection and Estimation in Generalized Additive Models and Generalized Additive Mixed Models
by Dong Wang

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Apr 11 2013

2 New U.S. Patents in January-March 2013 Assigned to NC State Chemistry Department Researchers

The following 2 patents in January-March 2013 were assigned to NC State University Chemistry Department researchers.

US Patent Office Seal


United States Patent 8,367,713
DATE February 5, 2013
Inhibition and dispersion of bacterial biofilms with imidazole-triazole derivatives
Inventors: Christian Melander, Steven A. Rogers, and Catherine S. Reed

United States Patent 8,389,732
DATE March 5, 2013
Synthesis and regioselective substitution of 6-halo- and 6-alkoxy nicotine derivatives
Inventors: Daniel L. Comins

Mar 08 2013

4 New Articles from Mathematics Department Researchers @ NCSU

Recent Articles from NCSU Mathematics Department Researchers, February 1-14, 2013


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Mar 07 2013

15 New Books in Physics @ NCSU Libraries