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For the past several months, the Web site redesign team analyzed the information architecture of the current site, mined through usage statistics and interviewed undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty to determine a new layout and structure for the NCSU Libraries Web site.

Check out the resulting homepage design.

As you're looking through the design, keep in mind the goals of the new homepage and the larger site:

  • Streamline access to search functions and core user tasks
  • Provide ways to contact librarians throughout the user experience
  • Highlight core tools and provide paths to top tasks
  • Promote the library through news & events messaging
  • Promote new innovations in library technology and learning spaces

Give us your feedback on the design by leaving a comment on the blog, providing a suggestion through our feedback widget (in the right column on this blog), or by emailing us at

We look forward to your comments!

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  1. Bravo. The orange, blue, and gray-colored links are unexpected, understated, and — in my opinion — undeniably great!

    I look forward to seeing how the QuickSearch results and the rest of the pages are incorporated.

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