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Nov 14 2012

Memorabilia Collection Highlights: Furniture Pieces

The University Archives Memorabilia Collection, (collection guide now available), includes several interesting furniture pieces with ties to the University’s history.  One is the desk of Dr. Charles W. Dabney, Jr.  Dr. Dabney accepted the position of Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station and State Chemist in 1880 and became an active member of the Watauga Club, which fought for the establishment of the North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (now NC State University).  In 1887, Dr. Dabney drafted the bill which was enacted into law by the legislature on March 7, 1887 on this desk.  The desk is permanently on view in the Special Collections Reading Room, in D.H. Hill Library.

Another historic desk is that of Alexander Quarles Holladay, the first President (now “Chancellor”) of NC State.  Holladay studied at the University of Virginia, served as a colonel in the Civil War, and served in the Virginia Senate for four years.  In 1889, he applied for the position of Professor of English at State College and was shocked to be offered the job of President.  He, of course, accepted.  This desk is also permanently on view in the Special Collections Reading Room.

Some other notable furniture pieces in the collection include a set of mailboxes used in Watauga Hall when it was a dorm in the 1890s and another desk that was used by Chancellors John Harrelson, Carey Bostian, and John Caldwell.  Stay tuned for more highlights of the Memorabilia Collection!

Dr. Dabney drafted the bill that founded NC State University on this desk, 1887. Pictured here are Ira Schaub, an unidentified man, and Chancellor Harrelson