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Jul 29 2013

Animal Rights and Welfare Publications

A recently organized collection whose collection guide has been put online is the Animal Rights and Welfare Publications, with over 150 containers of magazines, newsletters, and other types of publications donated to the NCSU Special Collections from the Animal Rights Network (ARN).

What is interesting about this collection is not only its size but its wide variety of topics and sources. The ARN subscribed to serials published by both sides of their battle for animal rights and welfare, and this collection reflects their monitoring of new developments and learning about opposing viewpoints.

The materials include magazines, journals, newsletters, newspapers, pamphlets, testimonials from federal hearings, books, annual reports, article clippings, leaflets, catalogs, comic books, and audio-visual media. They came from organizations such as animal rights groups, animal shelters, wildlife sanctuaries, laboratory animal providers, animal liberation groups, hunting enthusiasts, political activists, fur trappers, pet dealers, animal breeders, vegetarians, laboratories that experimented on animals, educators, society groups for the protection of animals, and pet lovers. This range of topics helped the ARN know the most about many aspects of how animals were being treated, even gaining information from groups they opposed.

For more information on this collection or to view the materials, please contact the Special Collections Research Center.