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Jun 24 2014

Graphic Communications Records Added to University Archives

Among the recent additions to the University Archives are 15 linear feet of materials from NC State’s Department of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education. Contained in these records are photographs, videotapes, correspondence, brochures, and flyers dating from the 1950s to 2008. Details about these materials can be found in an online collection guide.

Early Distance Education, Ca. 1980. Recent additions to the University Archives include videotapes for Engineering Graphics E101, an early distance education course similar to the one depicted in this image.

Most of these materials originated with the Graphics Communications program. Included are photographs of departmental personnel and activities, as well as videotapes and programs of the Graphics Communications Distinguished Lectures and Banquets (1980s and 1990s). Of note are videotapes of Engineering Graphics E101 mini-lectures (one of NC State’s earliest distance education courses) and a rendering of one of the first 3-D models ever printed.

Also with these materials is Visual Aids for Teachers, a set of 7 filmstrips and 11 phonograph records. Dating from approximately 1950, this set was intended for use by K-12 teachers in classroom instruction. It was created by the Jam Handy Organization, which produced audio-visual materials used in training and education. Visual Aids for Teachers had been acquired by an early College of Education program

The Graphics Communications program originated within NC State’s College of Education in the 1970s. By 1979 the Dept. of Occupational Education had an engineering graphics program, and this was renamed Graphics Communications in 1980. In 1995 Graphic Communications merged with the Dept. of Math and Science Education. The new department was called Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education (today it is the Dept. of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education).

There is an online guide for the Dept. of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education records held by the University Archives. The Jam Handy filmstrips and records have been moved to the University Archives Audiovisual Collection.