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Mar 19 2013

My #HuntLibrary contest winners awarded

Miami may have won the ACC basketball tournament, but a different kind of championship was awarded in the Hunt Library auditorium last week. Kimberly Dufresne was awarded the first place prize in the NCSU Libraries’ My #HuntLibrary Instagram photo competition after a fierce competition that lasted two months and had 1,400 entries. The quantity and quality of the photographs made the final selection difficult, but in the end, Kimberly’s photograph was the clear winner. It features the unique visualization technology in the building and symbolically illustrates how the James B. Hunt Jr. Library allows our students to reach new heights. Kimberly, a junior graphic design major, received an iPad Mini at an awards ceremony during halftime of NC State’s first-round game during the ACC tournament.

Kimberly Dufresne receives iPad Mini

Libraries Communications Director David Hiscoe presents iPad Mini to Kimberly Dufresne

My #HuntLibrary Finalists

Left to Right: Mike Nutt, Kimberly Dufresne, David Hiscoe, Megan Wood, Emily Reeves, Torey Kiss, Tammy Wingo

Although the contest is over, we are now beginning the process of ingesting the stunning photographs from the My #HuntLibrary contest into the permanent University archives. Our goal is to add all of the Instagram photos that were tagged #HuntLibrary into our digital collections so that they become a permanent part of the story of the James B. Hunt Jr. Library. The My #HuntLibrary website will also continue to live on, so don’t forget to keep tagging your beautiful shots of #HuntLibrary!

Here are Kimberly’s winning photo and the five runners-up category winners.

Student chasing birds on MicroTiles video wall

First Place: Kimberly Dufresne

Students lounging on Monumental Stair

Most Creative Photograph: Emily Reeves

Skyline Terrace

Best Architectural Photo: Torey Kiss

Person reading in Rain Garden Reading Lounge

Best Community Photographer: Joshua Rucker

Student studying in Skyline Reading Room

Wolfpack at Work: Mark Malek

Student studying in ball chair

Best Sense of Space: Tammy Wingo

These photographs were also selected as contest Finalists:

Eastern exterior

Chao Wan

Skyline Reading Room

Lauren Lu

Western exterior

Megan Wood

Skyline Reading Room

Tammy Wingo

Detail of glass table

Chris Ragone

Eastern window with birds visible outside

Leonora Shell

Rain Garden Reading Lounge

Tammy Wingo

Hunt Library exterior with clouds

James Gries

Feb 12 2013

My #HuntLibrary iPad Mini contest ends February 22

The My #HuntLibrary photo contest has been a huge success! The NC State community has contributed over 1200 Instagram images to the project, simply by adding the hashtag #HuntLibrary to their Instagram photos. This crowdsourced photo project has really captured the spirit of the Hunt Library and has been a great way to introduce it to the world. While the My #HuntLibrary website will live on, the contest will end at 11:59PM February 22, 2013.

The winner will be selected by a jury of librarians from among the most popular photographs in My #HuntLibrary. The popularity score is determined by a combination of battle wins and “likes” on the photograph. Please note – likes on Instagram do not count towards the popularity score! “Likes” have to be submitted on the My #HuntLibrary app. Also, only public images taken with Instagram are eligible to win the iPad Mini. We currently don’t have the ability to include pictures from other social media sites or private photos on Instagram.

iPad Mini

The winner will be awarded and recognized at an upcoming NCSU Libraries Student Advisory Board meeting.

The iPad Mini isn’t the only reason to participate! NCSU Libraries will preserve the best #HuntLibrary photos forever in the University’s official digital archives so they become a permanent part of NC State history. If your photo is selected, watch for a comment from us on your #HuntLibrary photo!

iphone taking photo of the Hunt Library

To browse #HuntLibrary photos, vote on your favorites, and see complete contest rules and terms of use, head to My #HuntLibrary at!

Any questions? Email

Aug 21 2012

NCSU Libraries Celebrates Olympic Spirit with 3000m bookBot Relay Video

This summer, all over campus, curious onlookers saw NC State celebrities and student athletes running, strolling, gamboling, and even doing the robot across Western Boulevard (thanks, Andy Walsh!), all in the making of the “3000m bookBot Relay” video.

This video, produced by the NCSU Libraries, was created to celebrate and commemorate the move of 1.5 million books and other materials into the bookBot automated book retrieval system that is one of the hallmarks of the new James B. Hunt Jr. Library. In all, thirteen special friends participated in the video by taking a “leg” of the relay and handing off the ceremonial book, Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, 11th edition, to the next person in the relay.

Emily Schmidt

The video’s producers did not want a single book to be harmed in the making of the video, so they turned to the technical expertise of NCSU Libraries’ Emily Schmidt, who works in the preservation department. Using professional techniques, along with “make-it-happen” ingenuity, Emily went to work creating a stunt double for the book.  The stunt double was put through its paces, getting handled by multiple people in 90+ degree weather and, most notably, zooming through the air via a helicopter built and piloted by NC State’s Aerial Robotics Club. Because the stunt double was too heavy to fly, club members scooped out a chunk of its middle, allowing it to be airborne.

Jamie Nance

The video premiered on the NCSU Libraries’ Facebook page, along with a quiz contest that asked participants to name all the guests who appear in the video. Jamie Nance was the “super duper senior” (his description) who won the contest and the prize of an iPod shuffle by correctly identifying eleven of the possible thirteen champions in the quiz. Jamie’s varied interests and experiences helped him to victory: he shares a lab with members of the Aerial Robotics Club; through his work at University Theatre he has provided backstage support for many university meetings, allowing him to identify Provost Warwick Arden and Dean Louis Martin-Vega;  he had seen Student Body President Andy Walsh repeatedly on a looped video shown at Talley; he had watched a panel discussion aired on public television featuring Dean Marvin Malecha; and Dr. Larry Silverberg advises one of his projects. For the track team members, he looked at online photos of the team to pick out the student-athletes seen in the video (Jazmyne Childs, Samantha Norman, Brian Himelright, and Mitch Mallory). And Mr. Wuf? Well, everyone knows Mr. Wuf!

Thanks to everyone who watched the video and those who played the quiz. We had a great time making it and can’t wait to see you at the Hunt Library when it opens January 2013.

Jul 30 2012

Take the “3000m bookBot Relay” quiz and win an iPod shuffle!

Our books are on the move! We have begun the process of loading 1.5 million books into the bookBot robotic retrieval system in the new James B. Hunt Jr. Library. To celebrate this momentous occasion (and – let’s be honest – pretend we’re competing at the Olympic Games in London), we enlisted a few NC State all stars to help us kick off the book move. Now it’s your turn to carry the torch! If you can successfully name the NC State champions that carried the book in our “3000m bookBot Relay,” you will be entered in a drawing for an iPod shuffle. Click below to watch the video on our Facebook Page and take the quiz.

Aerial view of Hunt Library


Contestants must successfully answer questions about the identities of the people in the bookBot Relay. Go to our Facebook Page to take the quiz and submit your entry. Entrants tied for the highest number of correct answers will be put in a drawing for an iPod shuffle (one winner).

The bookBot Relay Contest is designed for current students, faculty, staff, and alumni of North Carolina State University, but anyone is welcome to submit an entry.  Staff of NCSU Libraries is not eligible for the prize drawing.

Entries will be accepted until the end of the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games, Sunday, August 12 (exact time TBD). Entries received after that time will not be eligible for prizes. One entry per person, please. For an answer to be correct, both the person’s first and last name must be correct. Spelling does not count, but answers must be recognizable to the judges.

The winner will be announced and contacted the week of August 13. Check our Facebook Page for the all correct answers on August 13.

More Information

Wondering how the book move will affect you and whether the bookBot has plans for world domination? Get all the details on our website:

“Like” our Facebook Page to receive contest updates. We’ll also be posting some behind-the-scenes outtakes on our Page from the making of the “3000m bookBot Relay” video.

If you’re starting to feel like the bar is a little high, the astute researcher will make use of this NCSU Libraries News blog and some recent posts on our Facebook Page. Good luck!