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Aug 21 2013

What’s that great new space on the second floor of the D. H. Hill Library?

Looking for a comfortable, light-filled place to study in D. H. Hill?  One with modern, comfortable furniture and color bursts that create a Hunt Library vibe?

New spaces to study at D. H. Hill

Students are finding some new favorite spots to study and collaborate at D. H. Hill Library.

This colorful new lounge on the 2nd floor takes its cue from the modern, funky vibe at the Hunt Library.

Check out the new lounge on the second floor of the D. H. Hill Library’s south tower.

Moving 1.5 million books into the bookBot at Hunt last year opened up much-needed space in our original main library, and we’re using it—as resources become available—to create more study and technology spaces in the D. H. Hill Library.  Instead of generic book shelves, the area next to the Unity Lab on the second floor is now a bright, energizing area with fifty seats for individual or group work.  Enjoy it!

And in the north tower of the second floor, you’ll also find fifty new seats (though the furniture is a bit older) in spaces where we’ve been able to take out bookshelves and place more tables and chairs that let you spread out and get your work done.

Coming soon—the Visualization Studio

The D. H. Hill Library was the testbed for many of the pioneering technologies now in the new Hunt Library.  And, as funding becomes available, we hope to continue to equip the D. H. Hill Library with many more of the state-of-the-art tools that have brought international recognition to the new library.

The new Visualization Studio will open later this Fall.

The Visualization Studio, for which funding was awarded last spring in a competitive, university-wide process, is the next step toward realizing that goal.  Located behind the bright yellow wall in the new second-floor lounge, this new room—scheduled to open by late September—will give you twelve projectors that let you display on all four sides of the room at once.  This immersive 360-degree view makes it easy to gather in groups and explore data that becomes all the more powerful when it’s experienced rather than read off a spreadsheet.  In the Visualization Studio:

·         Students will have a powerful way to work together on group projects, to boost their presentations to new levels, or to study complex ideas and phenomena at a large scale, seeing them spread out around the room.

·         Professors can conduct interactive classes and engaging seminars that surround their students in images, documents, movie clips, and data visualizations.

·         Researchers will be able to work collaboratively to develop grant applications, collectively review code, or analyze large maps, imagery, or detailed documents—or to give dramatic presentations of their results to their sponsoring agencies.

Mar 04 2011

And the Winners Are. . .

If you weren’t in Witherspoon last Sunday night, you not only missed the red carpet, the drama of the competition, and a considerable amount of profiling by the emerging NC State film elite—you missed seeing the winning films for this year’s Campus Moviefest.

Here’s your chance to catch up on the best of the best five-minute productions from this year’s offerings:

Best Picture: The Revolutionary

Best Comedy: Panda Bear Affair

Best Drama: Walkman

Most Popular: So We’ve Got a Guy . . .

Best Actor: Charlie Allen (The Revolutionary)

Best Actress: Rhonda Bennetone (Damn the Clock)

The Campus MovieFest—the world’s largest student film festival—loans all-comers all the equipment they need to make a short film in one week. This year NC State fielded almost 120 teams to take on the challenge. If you didn’t, you should have. And you’ll have another chance next year when MovieFest returns. The competition on campus is sponsored by the Union Activities Board, University Housing, IRC, DELTA, WolfTV, and the NCSU Libraries.

You can watch all Wolfpack entries on the MovieFest NC State pages.

Mar 03 2011

Nine Floors of Quiet Spaces

As we move toward mid-semester, activity around the Libraries is certain to ramp up even higher. More people gathering to work through study questions; more people letting off a little steam after hours; more people making more noise.

Sometimes though, you just need quiet.

We’ve heard you. We’ve marked quiet spaces through all nine floors of the Library. Just look for the Rodin Thinker (with his new distinctive yellow headphones) on the new signs that mark quiet spaces throughout D. H. Hill. Or create your own private sound-free zone—pick up free earplugs at the Circulation Desk, Learning Commons desk and other service spots throughout the building.

And, by the way, more dedicated quiet spots are on the way.

Dec 07 2010

Good Luck on Exams

Late night coffee breakKeeping with tradition, the Libraries will help fuel your long hours during exams by supplying late night study treats in D. H. Hill. The first one is late night/early morning Tuesday, December 7, with another Wednesday, December 8, at 9:30 p.m.  Thanks to the Friends of the Library of North Carolina State University for their generosity.

Late Night Schedule

Friday, December 9, 1 a.m.
Monday, December 13, 1 a.m.
Tuesday, December 14, 1 a.m.
Wednesday. December 15, 1 a.m.

And if you need that last minute article, help with your citations, or assistance with running down facts, we have five different ways you can Ask Us. We’re here, ready to help.

D. H. Hill won’t close until exams are over, 24/7 now through December 15.

Nov 04 2010

A Whole Week of Workshops-Taught by Your Friends

Take advantage of a whole week of student-led workshops.

Intro to Photoshop Through Photomontage
led by Emily Struthers, senior in Landscape Architecture

Group Project? It Doesn’t Have To Be Terrible…
led by Travis Conte, senior in Business Administration

Make Engaging Movies: Intro to iMovie ‘09
Robby Padia, sophomore in Communication Media

What To Do When Hackers Attack!
Did you know that you are likely to get hacked sometime in the next year? Come to this talk to learn to how project yourself from hackers and learn what to do if you do get hacked!
led by Chris Dzoba, graduate student in Computer Science

For more information, see

Students can register online online. Registration is not required but it does guarantee a seat.

Aug 18 2010

Seven Ways to Earn Your Stripes at NCSU Libraries

The fate of Pandora doesn’t depend on it, but you’ll no doubt be a better scholar and even more at home in the NCSU Libraries if you embark on one or more of these library rites of passage:

  1. Borrow an iPad from the circulation desk and post a Facebook update followed by @NCSU Libraries.
  2. Eat a Rattlesnake Chicken Pita from the Hill of Beans.
  3. Reserve a group study room with an LCD screen to study for your first test; on a break, watch TV on HULU.
  4. Travel light; leave your textbooks at home. We have them all at the circulation desk.
  5. Ask for help on the go—use your mobile device to connect through the Libraries’ mobile site:
  6. After an all-nighter in D. H. Hill, grab a Book Stack Mocha and watch the sunrise over the Raleigh skyline from the ninth floor.
  7. Perk up your Facebook profile picture with the green screen and Photoshop in the Digital Media Lab.

Eight Things to Love about the Libraries

If you’re not the adventurous type (not likely—you choose to come to a school known for it bold approach to engaging with the world), here’s some straightforward ways make yourself more productive:

What Why Where to find it
Ask Us Instant access to an expert—by IM, text, phone, email or in person At the top of every page of the Library web site—or ask at the desk in the Learning Commons.
GroupFinder Broadcast your location and find your friends in D. H. Hill Post at Find friends on the eboard outside the Learning Commons or from any computer.
Hill of Beans and the Creamery Coffee, food, ice cream from NC State’s dairies, right in the building, including late at night Hill of Beans is just inside the main entrance and the Creamery is on the main floor, West Wing.
Tech Lending iPads, laptops, Kindles, portable DVD players, graphing calculators, headphones, digital SLR cameras, video cameras, GPS units, iPods, video games The Circulation Desk or at
Learning Commons A great informal place to get the work done D. H. Hill also has nine floors of quiet spaces with group study rooms throughout. Find your favorite!
Textbooks on Reserve Need a quick between-classes look at a text? The Libraries has at least one copy of every text for every course At the Circulation Desk at D. H. Hill or the branch libraries
Digital Media Lab Get help with creating and converting all types of media First floor, West Wing or
NCSU Mobile The library in your pocket, with access on the go to hours, reserves, GroupFinder, search, and more

Dec 11 2009

Everything You Need to Make a Movie, for Free

Now’s your chance to show what you can do as director of your own short film.

This February, NC State is bringing back Campus MovieFest for another film competition. This event offers students the chance to make their own movies and win prizes in the world’s largest student film festival.

Each team of students that registers will be provided with a loaner Apple laptop, a digital video camera, and technical support. They’ll have one week to make a five-minute masterpiece. Submissions will be judged, and the top movies will be showcased at a Campus MovieFest Finale celebration–red carpet and all. All of the movies will be featured in highlights on the web for the campus to see. The winners will receive prizes as well as the chance to enter the regional and national competitions.

Online registration begins on December 1, 2009, and the competition begins on February 9, when equipment will be distributed to the teams at the D. H. Hill Library. For the next week, technical help will be available in the library’s Digital Media Lab from morning to night. Teams will make films up to five minutes in length and submit them by February 15. The Finale will announce the winners and award prizes at the Campus Cinema in the Witherspoon Student Center on the evening of February 21. Mark your calendars!

This event is sponsored by the Union Activities Board, Housing, the IRC, DELTA, and the NCSU Libraries. Watch past award-winning films from other universities and find out more information at Campus MovieFest. To get involved as a volunteer or for other questions, please contact Rick Gardner at 515-5168 or

And check out last year’s NC State winners to see what NC State talent can do:

Best Picture 2008

Best Drama 2008
Everyone’s a VIP to Someone

Best Comedy 2008 and Best Actor (Morgan McCormick)
The (Hide And) Seeker

Best Actress 2008 (Meghan Balfrey)

Big Hair, Big Boobs, Big Dreams

Dec 08 2009

Need a Late-Night Study Break?

Late night coffeeThe Friends of the Library will be providing their traditional coffee, donuts, and more in the main Lobby of D. H. Hill throughout exams (except Saturday night/Sunday morning).

Put down the books for a few minutes, take a deep breath or two, and meet us at 1 a.m. to boost up the energy, throw off the stress, and re-energize.

Dec 04 2009

Announcing the Student All-Star Lecture Series

Matt RobbinsOn December 8, 2009, the NCSU Libraries will launch a new lecture series to highlight the work of some the NC State’s most promising student scholars. The lectures will allow students, faculty and other members of the university community to step out of their own circle of daily work and to see and hear some of the best thinking, writing, and multimedia being done by undergraduate and graduate students across the campus. The Student All-Star lecturers will be chosen by students themselves, who will nominate colleagues that they recognize as inspirational.

Like the Fabulous Faculty series that showcases the most interesting and relevant works in progress by NC State professors and researchers, the Student All-Star lectures will be held about three to four times a semester in the Assembly Room at D. H. Hill Library and will be open to the public for free.

The inaugural talk will be given by Matt Robbins, the graduate student in the College of Design who initiated the campaign to put bells in the Bell Tower. Matt has become an authority on the largely forgotten changes to the architecture on campus. He will speak on “State College Then And Now: Saving the History of Our Buildings.”

Join us for the inaugural lecture of the Student All-Stars series on Tuesday, December 8, 2009 at 4:00 p.m., D. H. Hill Library, Assembly Room, (2nd Floor, East Wing). This event is free and open to the public.

Dec 02 2009

The Clock Has Found Its Way Home

The clock that disappeared from the D. H. Hill Learning Commons was returned Tuesday afternoon. It will shortly be back in its place on the wall doing its work.

Thanks to all in the NC State community for helping make this happen.