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By: Stefanie Peterson

65 Years of the Textiles Library

extiles have been an important part of NC State University for over a century. The NC State College of Textiles has a rich history and is a world leader in textiles education. Over the years, a library collection has been developed to support the curriculum and research programs at the college, beginning with early courses in weaving and textile design through current research in areas such as biomedical textiles and textile nanotechnologies. The Burlington Textiles Library is unique in the United States for both the breadth and depth of its collections and ranks as a world-class textiles information center. Drawing on the holdings of the University Archives and the NCSU Libraries Special Collections Research Center, this exhibit features the highlights of the Burlington Textiles Library’s history

By: Stefanie Peterson

Textile mills happy over growing yarn demand from China

LAHORE: Though the year 2012, which is about to end, like past few years confounded the problems of the industries with severe energy crisis, textile sector is still optimistic at the prospect of the opportunities knocking boisterously at the door.

One such is the inability of Chinese textile manufacturers to produce efficiently basic textiles, while the GSP Plus status from European Union is another. The propensity to add value was also a positive sign in 2012.

Gohar Ejaz Group Leader All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) said yarn exports from Pakistan to China are growing at an astonishing pace. “Two years back, our average monthly yarn exports were 40,000 tonnes, while average exports during last three months stood at 65,000 tonnes per month. The growth was mainly because of growing appetite for yarn in China,” he added.

By: Stefanie Peterson

H&M Launches First Clothing Recycling Program

H&M is the first fashion company to launch a clothing collecting initiative worldwide. Starting in February 2013, customers will be able to drop off used garments in H&M stores worldwide. Sustainability is an important part of H&M’s offering, and H&M strives to reduce the environmental impact of clothes throughout their lifecycle.

By: Stefanie Peterson

Dolce and Gabbana On Trial

It has become almost redundant to say that an Italian luxury-fashion company is accused of tax evasion. In fact, it would be faster to list the brands that, over the years, have not tangled with the tax authorities. The latest designers to find themselves in the bull’s eye of prosecutors are Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Their trial for tax evasion began this month. In the past, most of the accused were either cleared or fined. But this is an Italy that has grown significantly more hostile to tax avoidance.

By: Stefanie Peterson

Heimtextil to point way towards future design concepts

Spectacularly showcased, interactively brought to life and artistically conceived – an exceptional industry event awaits visitors and exhibitors at the trend show during next year’s Heimtextil, the international trade fair for home and contract textiles (9 to 12 January 2013).

In Forum 0, the Trend Show will provide an impressive insight into pioneering design developments – planned and executed by Stijlinstituut Amsterdam. The Trend Show will be complemented by talks by high-calibre speakers. With “Be inspired”,

By: Stefanie Peterson

250 years of cotton trade history now available online

You can now access a new and comprehensive ‘cotton trade’ history timeline via the International Cotton Association’s (ICA) website. A valuable resource for academics and anybody interested in the cotton trade, the site contains the history of the evolution of the ICA and the cotton industry.

By: Stefanie Peterson

DuPont invests in US packaging development lab

DuPont is adding new equipment to its Packaging & Industrial Polymers’ development laboratory, housed at company headquarters in the US.

A pilot-scale, nine-layer blown film line will be up and running by the first quarter of 2013, said Ann Hriciga, DuPont’s global application development manager, in a presentation at Pack Expo 2012, held 28-31 October in Chicago.

The nine-layer line is designed for flexibility and intended for developmental work, not commercial production. It can make film 1 to 10 mils thick and has nine separate extruders, so users have the ability to put nine different materials into a structure. Not all of the extruders are identical – some are tailored for specific materials – but they can be moved around, giving the user the flexibility to run a line of “a-b-c-d one day and d-b-c-a the next day,” she said.

By: Stefanie Peterson

Amazon To Launch Online Fashion Store

American online retailer Amazon are set to launch their own new premium online fashion store tomorrow as they make a bid to rival the likes of ASOS and Net-A-Porter.

Amazon will launch their new fashion store tomorrow as part of ‘Mega Monday’ the busiest online shopping day of the year. The new store will be located at, and alike ASOS and Net-A-Porter the site will feature products from various top clothing brands.

By: Stefanie Peterson

Lincoln’s slippers take star turn from Fremont to Hollywood

FREMONT — Gilbert Gonzalez didn’t give it much thought when he got a call a year and a half ago from a California firm requesting photos of Abraham Lincoln’s slippers.

The well-worn house slippers — presented as a gift to President Rutherford B. Hayes when he took office in 1878 — had been on permanent display at the Hayes Presidential Center in Fremont for years.

What surprised Mr. Gonzalez, the chief of photographic services at the Hayes, was learning that actor Daniel Day Lewis was sporting an exact replica of the slippers in the new Steven Spielberg film, Lincoln.

By: Stefanie Peterson

Why The Shirt On Your Back Is A Prime Target For Innovation

If the apparel industry were as keen on innovation and local manufacturing as many tech startups, your clothes would not only last longer, they’d probably be more fashionable, too. American Giant CEO Bayard Winthrop makes the case for USA-made threads.

Across industries, fundamental changes are being driven by expanded Internet access and the openness of the global marketplace. Competition has pushed companies to reinvent their business models, giving consumers more choices and more opportunities to get the highest possible bang for their buck. With so many options, we now have the luxury of being able to demand products that are cheaper, better and more convenient, from brands that give us something to believe in.