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May 02 2012

Fashion houses ‘need to clean up their act’

Fashion houses ‘need to clean up their act’

The fashion industry is no longer as glamorous as it may appear and by wearing a pair of jeans you may have contributed to the pollution of China’s rivers.

“For ordinary consumers, it’s hard to know how many polluting companies there are behind each of the popular fashion brands,” says Li Li, the founder and director of EnviroFriends, a Beijing-based environmental organization.

Li made the comment in a recent report called Clean up the Fashion Industry, published by five Chinese grassroots environmental organizations, which alleged that 46 Chinese and international clothing brands are being supplied by textile companies that violate the country’s environmental laws.

[...] That fact is especially worrying for China, where two-thirds of cities lack an adequate water supply, one-fifth of cities have urban water sources that fail to meet hygiene standards and 300 million rural residents have no access to safe sources of drinking water.