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By: Kris Alpi

Visit the William Rand Kenan, Jr. Library of Veterinary Medicine to see the new artwork installed July 29, 2015. The Library entrance portholes feature reproductions of veterinary student artwork from the Spring 2015 Veterinary Illustration Selective VMC 991-29 taught by Dr. Michael K. Stoskopf, Professor of Aquatics, Wildlife, and Zoologic Medicine and of Molecular and Environmental Toxicology.

This was a one-week studio course taught at the CVM in April 2015 offering veterinary students the opportunity to hone their observation as well as their drawing and illustration skills with live observations at the Teaching Animal Unit and other locations. Students became familiar with basic drawing and pen and ink techniques with an emphasis on rendering from three dimensional objects, living animals, and photographs from books and journals in the Libraries’ collections.

Seven works highlighting a variety of drawing techniques were selected by a jury of faculty and librarian judges.

Top Row (Left to Right) [click below for detailed images]

Bottom Row (Left to Right)

These works and photos of additional drawings by all students in the course will soon appear on the eboard in the Library. Thank you to artists Kelsey Arrufat (Class of 2016), Amanda Flagg (Class of 2017) and Class of 2018: Megan Barbar, Haley Hegedus, and Katelyn McSpadden. The drawings were photographed and prepared for porthole display by Nathan Latil, Media & Design, College of Veterinary Medicine.

By: Betsy Whitman

Veterinary Medicine Library operating hours are reduced during the University Semester Intersession:

August 3 – August 7  (Monday – Friday) : 7:30am – 6:00pm
August 8 – August 9 (Saturday – Sunday): 1:00pm – 5:00pm
August 10 (Monday): 7:30am – 6:00pm
August 11 (Tuesday): 7:30am – 9:00pm

Longer hours are available at the D.H. Hill Library and James B. Hunt Library–see for all NCSU Libraries Hours.

Jul 28 2015

New Materials July 28

By: Betsy Whitman

By: Kris Alpi

Dear CVM Community,

The color printer (A110-1 color) and B&W printer (A110-1) previously housed in the Vet Med Library copier room have been removed and replaced with a single color Follow Me printer. This printer uses the WolfPrint-Color queue and charges $0.25 per page impression. If you send black and white print jobs to this printer, it will still charge you the color printing rate. For black and white printing at the $0.06 per impression rate, send your job to the WolfPrint-BlackandWhite queue which you can pick up at the WolfPrint printer in the main reading room.

If you have questions about using the technology in the Veterinary Medicine Library, please ask for assistance at the Service Desk or call us at 919-513-6218.
Thank you for your patience with these changes.
Kris Alpi

By: Kris Alpi

Dear CVM Community,

The WolfCopy photocopier will be removed from the Veterinary Medicine Library on Friday, July 31. There will be no more machines that can use WolfCopy copy cards. If you have a balance on your WolfCopy card, please use it by the end of the day Thursday or please contact WolfCopy (attn: Lisa Pittman).

Photocopying of materials up to 8.5×11 (copier room) and 8.5×14 (reading room) can be done on the FollowMe printers using value on your CampusID cards. For larger materials, please use free the overhead scanners in the Library copier room to make a digital copy, and then you can print that to the FollowMe printers.

If you have questions about using the technology in the Veterinary Medicine Library, please ask for assistance at the Service Desk. Thank you for your patience with these changes.
Kris Alpi

Jul 20 2015

New Materials July 20

By: Betsy Whitman

Neuroscience : exploring the brain
Bear, Mark F., author.
Feigenbaum’s echocardiography
Armstrong, William F.

Jul 13 2015

New Materials July 13

By: Betsy Whitman

Jul 06 2015

New Materials July 6

By: Betsy Whitman

By: Betsy Whitman

June 2015 Publications from CVM Authors
Take a look at the CVM author publications for June 2015 courtesy of the NCSU Scholarly Publications Repository.
CVM and other NCSU authors are specifically highlighted with their department affiliation and links to their other publications in the repository. To access the full text of any of these articles, click on “Find Text (NCSU Only)” link.
If you have questions or would like information about the repository or NCSU publications, please email or call us at 919-513-6218.

By: Betsy Whitman

Reserve lists for DVM courses will be taken from each faculty’s online course syllabus published as of Monday, August 3. Required (and optional) texts and library reserve titles will be entered in Reserves Direct, the Libraries’ online reserve management system.

If you need to put materials on reserve for other courses, please give us a reserve list (or email it as an attachment to by 10 AM on Monday, August 3.  In addition to your name and course name/number, provide complete citations (title, author, edition) for titles desired.

All personal materials (both books and media) listed on the syllabus or reserve lists should also be brought to the Library by 10 AM on Monday, August 3.

For information on VML reserves services and the online reserve management system, go to If you need assistance or have questions, please contact Betsy Whitman at or phone 919-513-6218.