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Oct 17 2012

Guide to Headphone Types Available at the VML

Looking for quiet while you study?  Attending a webinar? Taking a YouTube study break?  Borrow a pair of headphones!  Use the following guide to help decide which type of headphones available at the VML suit your needs.

Williams Sound HED-21 Headphones


  • “Light” headphones, no microphone

Coby CVM361 Headphones$(KGrHqVHJEQE–DYgtULBPzPto8UfQ~~60_57.JPG


  • Adjustable boom microphone for optimum voice pickup
  • Comfortable padding for extended wear

Sonic HP-259 Headphones


  • Speech recognition stereo headset and boom microphone
  • DNCT4: Direct Noise Canceling Microphone Technology
  • Ambidextrous design for wear on right or left side

Koss SB45 Communication Headset


  • Multimedia headset with microphone
  • Noise-cancelling Clear Voice Technology (CVT)
  • Soft ear cushions