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Apr 27 2013

Cats win the Open House “What’s Your Favorite Animal” drawing contest

Thanks to all the CVM Open House visitors who drew their favorite animals on one of the whiteboards in the Veterinary Medicine Library on Saturday, April 27!

Drawings by visitors to the CVM Open House

Cats ruled the boards with 27 drawings!
Dogs were the second place runner up with 19 drawings, followed by 12 birds (chickens, penguins, owls, eagles, and others) and 9 horses.

Other species in order of appearance were undetermined small mammals (3); two each of wolves, tigers, elephants, cows, fish, and pigs; and 1 each of dolphin, panda, butterfly, bear, giraffe, frog, rhinoceros, lizard, turtle, bearded worm, nautilus, a unicorn, and an amoeba.

The drawing with the most comments was the panda featured here:

The Panda was the most commented on drawing.