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Category: Copyprint

Aug 11 2014

WolfCopy cards no longer available for purchase

WolfCopy has removed the value adder machine for copy cards. WolfCopy cards are no longer available for purchase at the NCSU Libraries.

A WolfCopy card reader will remain for copying through the end of Spring 2015. If you have value on your WolfCopy cards, please use it by May 15, 2015. If you are not able use all your card value before the reader goes away, please contact WolfCopy to find out about your options.

NCSU students, faculty, and staff can use the money in their AllCampus accounts for copying on the Follow Me printer in the Current Journals/VETS aisle. Starting Summer 2015, guests must use cash for copying.

Questions? Need Help? Ask us at the service desk.

Mar 13 2014

Wolfprint Working

As of Friday 3/14, Wolfprint is working and recognizing balances.

For the latest status reports on the Wolfprint conversion problem, visit SysNews. Wolfprint apologizes for the delay and inconvenience for those not on spring break this week.

Nov 13 2012

Fee Reduced to 25 Cents for Adding $10 or Less of Printing Value Online

Need to add a small amount of printing value to your AllCampus account and can’t get to the Talley Center on main campus?

The convenience fee for making online deposits of $10.00 or less via credit card has been reduced to $0.25. All info on making deposits is at
When you go online to make a deposit, you now have two choices–the new option for small deposits of $10 or less for a $0.25 fee, as well as the regular option to make any amount of deposit with the $2.00 fee. Deposits made at the AllCampus desk in Talley do not incur a convenience charge, even if you pay with a credit card.

Thank you to the members of the CVM Library and Education Resources Committee for advocating for this change. If you have any questions or comments about printing at NCSU, please visit

Jun 27 2012

Public Printing Working

Public printing in the Veterinary Medicine Library and other locations is now working.

The website or the Details link displayed in the pop-up box that appears when you login to a public computer can show you your account details.

If you have questions or need help printing, please ask for assistance at the Library Service Desk.

Jun 25 2012

WolfPrint system now uses AllCampus accounts

Effective June 27th, WolfCopy, in conjunction with OIT, will introduce a new service for printing to WolfPrint printers.  Students, faculty and staff paying for public printing will no longer purchase funds for printing via the infiNET QuikPAY system (referenced via The new system will use their AllCampus account.

All existing printing funds in accounts will be transferred into PaperCut as Print Credit. Once that Print Credit is exhausted, those wanting to print will need a balance on their AllCampus account to print.  In the new system, IOUs are not available.

Using the existing AllCampus account infrastructure will allow you to pay for public printing expenses with the same account that is used across campus to make other transactions. If you have questions, please contact WolfCopy or OIT. To add value to your AllCampus account, see

Mar 21 2011

Color Printing Replaces Color Copying at VML

The color copier at the Veterinary Medicine Library has been removed by WolfCopy due to low use.   If you need color copies, please use one of the scanners to create a color scan and then print it to the color printer.    Color printing is 0.25 per page.   If you do not have a Unity account for printing, please ask library staff for assistance.

Color copying remains available at the D.H. Hill Library, NCSU’s WolfXpress, and local commercial print shops.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Mar 04 2011

Copy Card Value Transfer Station Leaving Tuesday 3/8

The WolfCopy Value Transfer station for transferring wide stripe cash card balances to the narrow stripe cards is being removed from the Vet Med Library on or after Tuesday, March 8.   We believe that most users have transferred their card values and we need the space for a new flatbed scanning workstation.   If you still have cash balances on a wide stripe card, please come down by Monday night and make the transfer.   After the station leaves, you will need to visit the D.H. Hill Library to make transfers or make other arrangements with WolfCopy (919-515-2197).

Nov 30 2010

WolfCopy Transfer Station Back at Vet Med

Still have cash value on an old wide stripe copy card?

The transfer unit where you can move value from the wide stripe on existing copy cards to a card with a narrow stripe such as your All Campus card or a dual stripe card is back at the Vet Med Library outside the A110 copier room. We still have some narrow stripe cards that you can use to make the transfer if you need a cash card that is not your ID–ask at the service desk.

It will be here for the first couple weeks of December, so come down soon. Library staff can help you transfer your card value — if you have questions about the process, stop by the service desk or give us a call at 919-513-6218.

Aug 30 2010

WolfCopy Transfer Station Departed

Update: August 30, 2010. WolfCopy has picked up the transfer station. If you need to move value from old cards to new cards, please go to the DH Hill Library or the WolfCopy office. We still have a reader where you can check the value on the old cards to figure out whether it is worthwhile to travel to exchange them.


Dear CVM Community,

WolfCopy confirmed today that the cost of public black and white photocopying in the Vet Med Library is increasing from .05 per page to .10 per page effective with the installation of the new card readers. The cost of new equipment is the main reason for the increase. The new equipment should resolve those flagged card issues that have plagued us all.

All machines now have new card readers that charge the .10 rate. We apologize for the short notice on this change in pricing, however the pricing for public copying on main campus has been .10 per page for some time.

The price of printing remains at .06 per page, so it may be more cost effective to scan and then print items. We will be happy to demonstrate the use of the overhead, flatbed and sheet feed scanners in the Vet Med Library.

In order to use the new card readers, you will have to have value on the narrow stripe on your copy card or All Campus ID. The transfer unit where you can move value from the wide stripe on existing copy cards to a card with a narrow stripe such as your All Campus card or a dual stripe card is now at the Vet Med Library outside the A110 copier room. The transfer unit leaves first thing, Monday, August 23, so please come in now and transition your cards.

The new value adding/card purchasing machine has been installed. If you don’t have an AllCampus Card and need to make the transition, ask the Library staff for a card with the narrow stripe. To add value online to an AllCampus card at any time, go to

To purchase a new WolfCopy card for use with the new reader or add value to the new WolfCopy cards, use the machine. Cards are $1.00 and do not have any starter value. You can add value in increments of $1, $5, $10, or $20. Our machine does not provide receipts. If you need a receipt, add value at the DH Hill Library or online.

Library staff can help you transfer your card value — if you have questions about the process, stop by the service desk or give us a call at 919-513-6218. If you have other questions or comments, please contact WolfCopy at 919-515-2197.

Thank you for your patience as we work with WolfCopy to make this transition.

Jun 28 2010

WolfPrint Update

Need to add print value to your WolfPrint account? You can do it online at under Buy Quota Online. Prefer to add value in person? Go to the Circulation Desk at the D.H. Hill Library.